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Moaning Maid Ghost
Moaning Maid Ghost

Hometown: New Orleans

Least Favorite Book/Movie: The Ghostbusters. There's nothing funny about this. It's just a never-ending nightmare.

Hobbies: Hiding underneath your bed or in your closet, Spying on you in the shower, Appearing in front of you and then disappearing before you can take a photo.

Favorite Sex Position: I prefer watching.

Kinky Secret: I once haunted a sorority house. The girls never figured out why their underwear kept disappearing.

The Nominees are:

A&E Double Trouble Glass G

A&E Double Trouble Glass G

I like that it's see-through so I can use it without anyone knowing.

Crotchless Lace V-Thong

Crotchless Lace V-Thong

Goes great with my bedsheet. Makes it easy to flash people too.

Beaded Chain Nipple Clamp

Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps

Chain makes the perfect rattling noise for haunting a house.

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