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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

Dear Chris,

It sounds like there may be several factors attributing to your fiancée's low sex drive. So we'll need to look at it from all angles to help you find a workable solution.

First off, as I’m sure you probably know, the idea of lasting romantic love and the height of desire that you experienced early in the relationship can often not be maintained at the same level in long-term relationships. It's actually a milestone and can be a good thing as you gain more depth in other areas of your relationship. Because of this I will ask you and your fiancée to suspend your expectations that "sex everyday" is realistic – it is not.

There is also an issue with differences in desire between you and your partner. This can also be a normal ebb and flow in long-term relationships as everyone has varying biorhythms that often don't match up. Imagine the both of you craving the exact same food at the same time everyday. It's the same thing with sex. It's difficult to get people on the same page for the long haul.

Now that being said, it does seem as though that your fiancée is experiencing low desire to the point that it is affecting your relationship. Many times anti-depressants can be the culprit behind this. Some anti-depressants cause changes in libido more than others. I would have her go to her prescribing physician to find out if she is on one of these types of medications and if so, see if there is another prescription less prone to affect her sex life that she can be on.

Lastly, I would suggest that the two of you do a few sessions of couple's counseling around this issue. Really, the most effective way for her anti-depressants to be effective is for her to be in counseling as well any way. I do sense her battling some low self-esteem regarding this issue. It would be good for her to explore that as well as the two of you establishing a better way to communicate about sex.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Kat


Check Out 5 Surprising Sex Apps! Continued

The Sex With Glass App. An app that integrates with Google Glass technology, Sex With Glass lets you film yourselves having sex. After you're done, you can view your footage for up to five hours before the app deletes your video permanently — making it a great option for anyone who doesn't want their video to end up public. It also gives you the option of bringing up a virtual Kama Sutra or adjusting lights and music.

The Down App. If you're looking for NSA (No Strings Attached) or FWB (Friends With Benefits) sex, this app hooks you up. You and your friends sign in with Facebook. Select the ones you'd be 'down' for sex with — if they select you, too, the app will let you both know, so you can arrange a hot hookup. If you don't select each other? No one is the wiser.

Any Vibrator App. Most of us just use a phone's vibrations in situations where a ringer would be rude. But there are dozens of phone apps that claim to turn your smartphone into a vibrator at any time. Of course Adam & Eve recommends a dedicated sex toy rather than using your phone, but if you do, make sure you use it with a waterproof cover of some kind. (You really don't want to explain how you broke it later at the Apple Store.)

Seeking more sexy surprises? Check out the new and naughty sex toys for men and women right here Adam & Eve.


Do The Latest On-Line Porn Trends Match Your Preferences? Continued

Secretary/Boss After peaking in 2010, videos depicting "secretary" fantasies reached an all-time low in 2011, while both genres were equally popular in late 2009. More people still like videos about bosses, which in most scenarios mean female supervisors. You can see both in The Perfect Secretary DVD.

MILF/Young (18+) Fans of younger and/or younger looking performers were at a peak in 2008. At the same time MILF fantasies were at their lowest ever –– then some good news, MILF appreciation was still climbing in 2012. Make your own comparison with the My First MILF DVD or Badass School Girls DVD.

Blow-Job This genre was at a pinnacle, getting loads of views in 2008. But by 2012 was seen gasping for breath. There isn't much coming in to take its place –– foot-jobs, tit-jobs and hand-jobs struggle to fill the void. A popular oral sex DVD from Adam & Eve is Down & Dirty Blowjobs.

Anal Wow. This one's a wild up and down, in and out rollercoaster! The take-away is don't take anal sex for granted. In 2008, anal was beginning its meteoric rise to its highest popularity in 2009. By 2011, backdoor sex crashed into a deep hole, only to shake itself off and start climbing again in 2012. See and learn from the pros in a fresh air setting with a fan favorite, Anal Farm Girls DVD.

Interracial This one's interesting. Black in white sex (and some white in black sex, too) grew strong and long in popularity, reaching a peak in 2010. Looks like a small dip, then a flat line in steady acceptance from 2011 to 2012, when the survey ended. Here's a great example of interracial action in Adam & Eve's Black & White Sex Sampler DVD.

Girl/Girl This is like watching downhill skiing during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. A constant downward from 2008 to 2012, with a small pause in 2009. Unlike Sochi, it's never too warm for action on your Girl 2 Girl DVD.

Gay Male Speaking of gay sex, among the guys there is literally a tent pole forming in 2010 — that's how much activity gay videos enjoyed. Then a dip, with 2011 and 2012 flat, yet firm. Get a good look at how a woman fantasizes about male gay in the award winning Female Fantasies DVD.

Big Boobs Holy cow! This one's udderly ridiculous –– the graph is shaped like a bra cup. A high point in 2008 drips down to a nipple point in 2010, then ba-zooms back up in popularity in 2012. As some of us have suspected all along, Everybody Loves Big Boobies!

3-Way Sex There's consistent trend for this genre. Probably depends on who shows up? What we can't see in this graph is whether these videos were 2 men with 1 woman or 2 women with 1 man. Details aside, 3-Ways were in their heyday in late 2009. On a related note, double-penetration dipped slightly in 2011 after getting up some good stiff numbers. We'll present and let you decided with some torrid Double Dippin' on DVD.

Bi-Sexual Things are looking up for men who play both sides of their dance card! A small plateau was reached in 2009/2010, a tiny dip in 2011, then nothing but blues skies for bi-guys into 2012. See how it's done with Bi-Curious Amateurs.

Orgy This is one cluster-f**k that may have shot its wad. There's a nice pointy peak in 2009, but it's all downhill from there. Which is funny, because there's never been a lube shortage that we know of. See if you can keep track of the players on your Group Sex DVD.

Fetish What does "fetish" even mean? Are we talking about 50 Shades Of Gray suburban cul de sac couples-y fetish fun or, you know, something more extreme? Beats me. But here are the stats: There was a fetish crash in the beginning of 2009, a peak in 2011, a downward trend in 2012. By the way, what's your safe word? Learn the ins and outs of role playing passion with Tristan Taormino's Guide To Kinky Sex For Couples DVD or kick back in your kinky chair for our awards winning "O" The Power of Submission DVD.

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