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Guide to Love Dolls

Don’t mistake these sex toys with the cartoonish gag gifts you remember from your party days! While there are still plenty of joke love dolls (sometimes called sex dolls) around, these sex toys in general are far more sophisticated than you might think. Some of the most expensive love dolls are so realistic it’s scary!

Love dolls serve as a surrogate for men and women in need of companionship. That’s why the vast majority of sex dolls are life-sized and shaped like men and women, though there are some specialty love doll designs for those with more exotic tastes. Unlike male masturbators or dildos, you can actually hold a love doll and even dress it up in sexy costumes or lingerie. It’s also a lot easier to create a sexual fantasy and let your imagination run wild while using a sex doll than a hand-held male stroker or penis-shaped chunk of rubber.

Love dolls made as novelty or gag items tend to be the lowest-priced on the market. These sex toys are usually all vinyl with features that belong in a caricature instead of real life.

Sex dolls meant to be used as a sex toys are slightly more expensive. The female dolls typically have openings or love tunnels in their mouth, vagina and anus (also called the Greek opening) that can be used for penetration. The male love dolls feature the oral and anal openings and an erect penis. Some of the higher-end love dolls line the love tunnels with soft jelly, TPE, or TPR for increased comfort and come with egg vibrators for enhanced stimulation. Check to make sure your love doll comes with a repair kit because it’s sure to develop a leak or two eventually regardless of how well you take care of it.

The most expensive and highest quality love dolls feature solid parts made from rubber or silicone, for example. Top of the line love dolls, like the Real Dolls, will be made entirely of silicone from head to toe and cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Sex dolls with solid material in their head and crotch are a much more affordable compromise. Those are the areas that see the hardest use and are the ones most likely to develop a leak if you’re not careful. Using solid material in those areas gives your love doll extra durability, makes them much more realistic, and increases their life span exponentially.

You can find out more about love dolls and other sex toys in the Adam & Eve Buyer’s Guide.



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