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Limiting Penis Pump Usage

As the Ancient Greeks used to say, “All things in moderation,” and that extends to how long you use your penis pump. Excessive use of your penis pump can lead to two significant problems, which emphasizes just how important moderation can be.

First, penis pumps work by altering the natural way blood flows through your body. The vacuum seal generated by a vacuum pulls blood into the shaft of your penis – engorging your cock and increasing its girth and length. The penis pump’s vacuum slows the circulation of your blood by increasing the time it spends in your penis. The cells in your penis rapidly drain the blood of oxygen and nutrients, leaving very little or even nothing for the rest of your body. While this has little effect during the short term, it can prove harmful if used for prolonged periods of time.

Second, the vacuum generated by your penis pump pulls and tugs on the tissue of your penis. This pulling causes microscopic tears, similar to what happens to your muscles during a work out. These tears will eventually strengthen and increase the size of your erection, which is what happens with body builders. But just as body builders take a break between workouts, you must give your penis time to recover in between pumping sessions or you risk damaging the sensitive tissue. And that’s a risk that no sane man wants to take.

Given these two concerns, Adam & Eve recommends that you limit your penis pump usage to 30 minutes during each session. After the 30-minute mark, you should remove the penis pump and cock ring if you’re using one. You should lightly massage your penis from base to tip to help the blood flow return to normal and relax the tissue. to give your penis time to recover as well as your blood flow to return to normal. Give yourself at least an hour of rest before pulling out your penis pump for another round.

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