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May 12th Is National Limerick Day!

the protagonist is typically portrayed as a well-hung, "hypersexualized persona."

There once was a man from Nantucket,
whose cock was so long he could suck it,
while licking his chin, he said with a grin,
if my ear was a pussy I'd fuck it.

So get out your ales, your lagers, your pilsners -- or a cold, frosty ginger ale --
and raise a glass to Edward Lear with the following dirty limericks!

There once was a fellow McSweeny
Who spilled some gin on his weenie
Just to be couth He added vermouth
Then slipped his girlfriend a martini

There once was a man from Madrass
Whose balls were made out of brass
When he'd bang 'em together
They'd play stormy weather
And lightning would shoot out of his ass

There once was a plumber from Lee
Who was plumbing his girl by the sea
She said Stop your plumbing,
There's somebody coming!
Said the plumber still plumbing... It's me!

There was a young lady from Wheeling
Who professed to no sexual feeling
Till a cynic named Boris
Just touched her clitoris
And she had to be scraped off the ceiling.

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