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What Will You Do On National Nude Day?

We've got you covered! Try:

• Washing the dishes wearing, at most, an apron.
• You could add sex and some friends for an orgy.
• Paying your bills naked.
• Play Naked Yahtzee.
• Searching for coins between the sofa cushion.
• If you have polished wood or tile floors, put on socks and slide around

You're still thinking about going to work naked, aren't you? Well forget about it.

Unless you're Russian scientist Natalia Avseenko, 36.

While working with beluga whales in Arctic waters, scientists discovered that beluga whales don't like to be touched by humans wearing artificial materials like swimsuits or gloves. So into the brink Natalia went, stark raving nude. Don't try this in 29 degrees Fahrenheit water. Ms. Avseenko tapped into her yoga and meditation skills to stay submerged for ten minutes. True, we have no reports if she went back in, though.

Oh wait, how about soaking in a hot tub on National Nude Day? Now that's a perfect solution among friends, isn't it. Because everything shrinks anyway, right?

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