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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

I'm here to say that most men I have heard from who have had these therapies say that they were unhappy with the results. There are reports of loss of sensation as well.

I would suggest to steer clear of any procedure that is too invasive and learn to love what you have because I guarantee you that your partner will. If you want to mix it up and just try a few fun things out to play with sensation, the following penis enhancer products may help.

Adam's Extension - Adds 2 inches of length plus girth.

Super Stroker and Girth Enhancer - Gives you the option to use it as a masturbation sleeve or create girth during intercourse.

Magnum Support Plus Double Ring - Cock rings are always a great way to trap blood in the penis, increasing girth naturally.

Dr. Kat


Do You Nuru? Continued

Before application, you can heat the massage gel in a bowl of warm water for an incredibly sensual warm feeling. It's common to use an entire bottle of Nuru gel for full-body coverage.

Once the Nuru massage gel coats both of you, the masseuse uses his or her whole body to massage. No more rubbing and massaging with only hands and elbows-when you Nuru, you use your body's weight to apply massage pressure as you glide back and forth over the person being massaged. Full body on body contact massage can be incredibly pleasurable and intimate-not to mention fun.

Since you'll both end up covered in slick and sexy Nuru massage gel anyhow, your lover can turn the tables anytime and take over the massage. You'll be amazed at how intense the slick sensations of skin on skin can get. This form of erotic massage is a great way to discover your full sensual potential.

Aching to try Nuru? Go straight to Adam & Eve for Wet Nuru Massage Gel, Gel and Sheet Set, and supplies for all your erotic massage desires.


Why Men And Women Should Masturbate - Health Benefits!y Continued

"We have reason to believe that man first walked upright to free his hands for masturbation." – Lily Tomlin

Today, thanks to the pioneering efforts of researchers like William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson we know what happens in our bodies when we have sex, like intercourse, and when we masturbate. The results are in – and they're good, real good!

Five Health Benefits For Women Who Masturbate

1. Keeps you healthy. Orgasms prevent cervical infections and can relieve urinary tract infections (UTI's ). Masturbating encourages fresh fluids and healthy bacteria.

2. Awesome sleep aid. As you near orgasm, dopamine is released. Post-orgasm your body releases oxytocin, a natural sleeping pill.

3. Better muscle tone. Regular masturbation/sex gives your pelvic floor muscles a workout for a tighter vagina – and better orgasms.

4. No risk of STDS. It sounds obvious, sure. But it bears repeating!

5. Helps you with your game. Achieving orgasm on your own helps you tell your partner how to give you one, too.

Five Health Benefits For Men Who Masturbate

1. It prevents cancer. In 2003, an Australian study found that men who ejaculated more than five times a week were less likely to develop prostate cancer.

2. Increase muscle tone. Regular sex and/or masturbation is a good workout for your pelvic floor muscles.

3. Increased sexual stamina. You learn to pace yourself and gain more control during intercourse with all that...practice.

4. Improved immune system. Ejaculation raises levels of the hormone cortisol. In small doses this hormone helps strengthen your immune system.

5. Better mood. Endorphins are released during climax and masturbation. That means you're less grumpy.

As you can, see the health benefits for women and men who masturbate are very similar, if not downright identical. So what are you waiting for?

Wait -– first this shameless plug: Adam & Eve has everything you need for great masturbation, and then some.
Lubes, vibrators, masturbation sleeves for men, prostate and G-spot stimulators – Adam & Eve is your virtual toy store for adults who self-indulge.


Most Popular Toys of 2013 Continued

Remote Controlled We-Vibe 3
Make orgasms so easy with the We-Vibe III! Like its predecessors, this hot little insertable vibrator can be worn hands-free for mind-blowing pleasure. But the We-Vibe III has 40% more power, plus it's now outfitted with an easy-use handheld remote control and is totally waterproof!

A&E Butterfly Kiss
Plunge into pleasure with this magical butterfly vibrator! The large butterfly wings tease your pussy lips, while the antennae tickle your clit at the same time. The 3" insertable shaft is curved for G Spot stimulation and features 3 different vibration speeds to drive you wild! Waterproof for fun in the shower. Made from jelly-like TPR.

A&E Magic Massager
This handy massager packs a wallop you'll appreciate again and again...and again! Curved 2 ½" wide bulbous head sits atop a flexible neck--ideal for placing vibrations on any part of your body. With a turn of the wand you can pinpoint constant vibrations anywhere you want! Nine-inch wand/handle holds two-speed control switch––and it's quieter than many battery-operated massagers and vibrators. 5.5-foot cord plugs into any home outlet for care-free play.

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