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How to Select the Right Penis Pump

At Adam and Eve, we're committed to helping beginners find the sex toys and accessories that are right for them, which is why we're pleased to offer our customers a varied selection of penis pumps. There are a few things you should keep in mind when you're selecting the penis pump that's right for you, and you should follow some basic advice to make sure you pick a safe, reliable and dependable product.

Pump are specialized sex toys aimed to enhance overall penis size or at men who might have problems attaining an erection. You place the special pump chamber tightly over your penis and then pump out the air. This creates a strong form of suction in the chamber which leads to blood rushing into the penis and creates the largest possible erection. After removing the pump, most users will use a cock ring to help sustain their increased size for longer periods of time.

Considerations for Selecting a Penis Pump

First, you should always use a penis pump that's built with a transparent cylinder. Cylinders that you can't see through won't let you keep an eye on your unit as you use the product, which could cause you to inflate it to dangerous levels. Also, discoloration is often one of the first signs that something isn't quite right, and you need to be able to spot it as soon as it happens so you can stop and stay safe.

Second, you should browse consumer reviews to ensure that you select an item that has a pressure gauge you can count on. It is vitally important that you have an accurate idea how much pressure you're applying so you can keep your levels where they should be. If you apply too much pressure, you risk injury, but if you don't apply enough, you won't get the results you're after.

Finally, consider the balance between cost and quality. The least expensive products usually feature flimsy construction that won't help you accomplish anything. Many experts also feel that the most expensive products are simply accessorized with bells and whistles that don't add anything significant. Hand-operated products are recommended for beginners, since they allow you full control over the process, helping you minimize the risk of injury.

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