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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

Hey Wendy,

The good thing is that I have heard of this issue before. The thing that is unclear is that I have more questions than answers for you about this experience.

You say it began occurring about 8 years ago. Was there anything that changed around that time for you physically or emotionally? Some women who have experienced this had it happen following childbirth or menopause or even a traumatic life event like a car accident, surgery or rape. Do any of these experiences or some other event ring a bell around that time?

Have you discussed this with your OB/GYN? It may be worth it to have your doctor take a look and make sure there is nothing physiologically that could have a bearing on this.

One couple I heard from had the same issue. It improved once the husband stopped thrusting during orgasm. This would take some communication from you, letting your hubby know when you are about come so he could stop thrusting and bear down.

Another couple had some luck with her interlocking her legs behind his hips during orgasm or he pressing her hips into him depending upon what position they were in.

An additional suggestion would be to have you try some systematic relaxation exercises, as you are getting frisky with one another and then slowing all activity way down - focusing on each specific sensation. This may help to sooth any unneeded muscle tension.

Let me know how it goes!

Dr. Kat


Spice Up This Valentine's Day With Pheromones! Continued

Men, spray on a little Adam Cologne to boost your attraction—use a little on your neck, collarbone, and wrists to make sure she gets a whiff of its magnetic masculine fresh scent and a heady dose of your sexy aroma. Women, spray Eve Perfume on your collarbone, cleavage, and wrists to turn his head and turn him on with a floral, pheromone-infused scent.

Remember: pheromones are great for boosting first-time attraction, but they'll also work for seducing your long-time lover. Try out a small spritz of Adam or Eve before you head to the bedroom to help unlock your most primal animal appetites.

Adam Pheromone Infused Cologne and Eve Pheromone Infused Perfume come in designer glass bottles and make great Valentine's Day and special occasion gifts for you or your special someone.

Want more? Shop for pheromone-infused products at Adam & Eve.


Did You Know Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life? Continued

Get your "cardio" (cardiovascular ) up to strengthen your heart and improve blood flow to your genitals. Workout together if you can.

Pelvic exercises will help you and your partner have and enjoy sex more easily, with more satisfaction. And don't forget, if you're both enjoying sex more, you'll probably have more sex, if that's important to you.

Besides, it's easy to get this one special area back in on!

Pregnancy, childbirth and simple aging can weaken a woman's pelvic muscles. This can affect everything from bladder control to how much and how strongly you orgasm. Pelvic muscles is the area that stretches from your pubic bones in the front to your "sit bones" in back. Strengthening those PC muscles with kegel exercises will do the trick.

A kegel exercise feels like you're holding your urine in (like you're waiting to use the ladies room and there's a long line, of course ). Doing this exercise will increase muscle tone and blood circulation for better vaginal intercourse. Holding in ben wa balls accomplishes this, or doing kegels with The Ultimate Kegel Kit. Just place the balls inside and hold them in – and not let them fall out. By the way, as your tone strengthens and the kegel muscles get stronger, it becomes easier to hold on to his erection once inside. You'll be his talk of the town for that skill!

Men – "kegels" are good for you, too!

A recent study of erectile dysfunction (ED ), found that 3/4 of the men surveyed improved or regained normal sexual performance just by doing kegels each day. Dudes, just squeeze the muscles that start and stop urine flow, every day while at work, in the car or watching TV. If you do crunches or stretches, try doing kegels at the same time. (You don't have to tell anyone you're doing them. )

Some men like to combine prostate stimulation with kegel exercises. If that's the case, you've come to the right place for prostate stimulators, here at Adam & Eve.

Female or male, when doing kegels give yourself a routine of several times a day for 8 to 12 weeks. For your general health, get a yearly check-up and stay on top of any sex-stressing condition like diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease. Some medications can affect your enjoyment of sex, so be sure to have that conversation with your doctor. Don't be embarrassed – that person is your doctor. You're probably sitting half naked in their exam room anyway!


Valentine's Day Gift Guide Continued

Blue Swirl Glass Dildo
This sleek dildo is designed with 4 unique stimulation sensations! The blue Hot Spot Tip hits the G-spot, the Swirled Pleasure Edge and Massaging Bumps provide vaginal stimulation, and the Clear Reverse Tip slides in for slippery thrills! Plus, you can experiment with cold or warm sensations by placing it in ice or in hot water. Made with shatter-resistant glass. Measures 8¼" long by 1¼" wide.

Gifts for Men

Couple's Enhancer Ring
For Him: stretchy dual rings for balls and shaft for harder, longer erections and more intense ejaculations! For Her: enjoy his hardness longer and get thrilling clitoral and vaginal stimulation! For Both: waterproof vibrator sends powerful vibrations through his shaft and into her clit.

Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal
Sasha Gray's soft, supple, eager mouth is just waiting to suck you dry! Molded directly from her pouty lips and tongue, this 5½" realistic flesh stroker's single hole creates a natural suction that feels just like one of Sasha's blowjobs. Penetrate her tight throat and feel raised pleasure ridges drain you til the last drop!

Under the Bed Restraint System
Set up playful bondage games in minutes! No fancy knots or hardware needed! Just slide the bondage restraint straps underneath mattress and go! Position straps for different uses, each 60" strap fits any bed. Soft, plush quick-release Velcro™ cuffs snap onto each strap. Includes 4 cuffs, 4 straps and connector strap. Made in USA.

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