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Adult Sex Movie Themes

Adult movie themes are virtually limitless. From big breasted midgets in adult movies to adult movies with sex in an inflatable pool filled with spaghetti noodles, there’s an adult movie out there for any adult movie fan - regardless of your personal interests.

Most adult movie categories are fairly self-explanatory. Asian adult movies feature Asian women. Chunky adult movies feature curvy women. This adult movie guide highlights some of the more popular adult movie themes and explains what an adult movie viewer can expect by buying one of these adult movies.

Amateur Adult Sex Movies

If you’re interested in newcomers to the adult movie industry, then you’re bound to enjoy amateur adult movies.

Scenes in amateur adult movies typically pair an experienced male adult movie star with a female adult movie star just starting out in the adult movie industry. Usually one or two scenes per adult movie title involve an experienced female adult movie star breaking in a new male adult movie stud.

The big attraction to amateur adult movies is checking out new fresh-faced, new talent before they hit the adult movie big time. These adult movie newcomers lack the jaded approach of experienced adult movie stars and typically inject their adult movie scenes with lots of passion and sexual energy - making it clear to the adult movie viewer that these adult movie newcomers really enjoy what they’re doing. Their lack of experience in adult movies can be telling, sometimes adult movie amateurs gag during a blowjob sequence.

Browse amateur adult movies.


Anal Sex Movies

If you can’t get enough butt action in adult movies, then you’ll definitely want to look into anal adult movies.

These adult movie titles are all about the butt - small, bubble-shaped or extra-wide. While these adult movie titles naturally focus on all kinds of anal adult movie sex, these adult movies offer a lot more. Many female adult movie stars will wear thongs at the beginning of an anal adult movie scene. The adult movie stars will bend over and generally show off their ripe rear. You can also expect lots of butt play throughout the adult movie scene with rim jobs, anal fingering and anal toy play for starters.

Check out all the anal sex action.


Asian Adult Sex Movies

If babes from the Far East get your motor running, then you’ll appreciate these Asian adult movies.

Asian adult movies star Asian women - pure and simple. These adult movies tend to emphasize massage and oral play. Many Asian adult movie scenes start with a male adult movie star getting a full body massage before the female adult movie star deep-throats his rod. Additionally, these adult movies often feature close-up shots of the adult movie star’s bald or trimmed vagina.

Take a trip to the steamy side of Asia Sex.


Big Breast Adult Sex Movies

If you like babes with a nice big rack, then you’ll love big breast adult movies. Many stars in big breast movies rely on silicone, but you can find all-natural adult movie beauties with a little extra work.
The stars in big breast adult movies are selected primarily for their bra size - DD and larger. As such, some of women in big breast adult movies might appear a little less attractive than women in other adult movies.

Naturally, there’s a big emphasis in these adult movies on breasts. Male adult movie stars lick and suck on nipples; sometimes the female adult movie stars rub their breasts all over his penis. A lot of the action scenes in these adult movies focus on bouncing or jiggling boobs while the adult movie star’s riding a penis or getting a doggy-style pounding. These adult movies also have lots of breast balling, and the male adult movie stars tend to unload all over a woman’s chest.

Can't wait to climb those massive twin peaks?


Bisexual Adult Movies

If you’re up for a new and a wild adult movie or consider yourself bi-curious, then it’s time to explore bisexual adult movies.

While many adult movies contain women engaging in bisexual activity, bisexual adult movies refer to bisexual men. These adult movie scenes usually involve a male-male-female threesome. The two male adult movie stars usually get a blowjob from the female adult movie star or each other and then one or both men will have vaginal intercourse with the female adult movie star. The adult movie scene usually ends with male on male anal sex while the female adult movie star either helps or gives the man on the bottom a blowjob.

Live adventurously with our Bisexual Adult movies.


Black Adult Sex Movies

If you’re sick of seeing just white people in adult movies, then it’s time to give the black adult movie category a try. Adam & Eve carries movies from well know black production companies such as Black Ice and West Coast Studios.

These adult movies star black adult movie stars in all kinds of sexual positions and themes. Many black adult movies tend to focus on one specific sexual act – like blowjobs, anal, or doggy-style sex. There are fewer black stars in the adult movie industry, so you’re more likely to see the same people in repeat adult movie roles. Besides, you know the old saying, once you go black...

Check out all the action of our Black Adult movies.


Chunky Adult Sex Movies

If you like curvy adult movie stars, then chunky adult movies are right up your alley.

These adult movie beauties are on the pudgy side. These adult movie stars have larger breasts and butts and more rounded stomachs than other adult movie stars. These adult movie titles tend to emphasize breast and butt play. There’s lots of nipple sucking and groping as well as anal and doggy-style sex in these adult movies.

Seeking full-bodied Madonnas?


Classic Adult Sex Movies

If you’d like to flash-back to the golden age of adult movies, then classic adult movies are for you.

Like fine wine, these adult movies get better with age. Classic adult movies and scenes are from what fans call the heyday of the adult movie industry - the 1970s and 1980s. While the sex in these golden oldies from the adult movie industry is similar to that found in more recent adult movies, there’s an edgy and risqué feeling to these adult movies that turns watching them into a guilty pleasure.

If you're up for a little time-traveling, check out thses vintage sex moves.


Couples Adult Sex Movies

If you’re sick of fake-sounding moans in adult movies and want some real-life passion in your adult movies, try watching a couple adult movie.

Couple adult movies simply depict sex between two adult movie stars. While not targeted per se at real-life couples, some of the sexual limitations found in feature adult movies also apply to couple adult movies. Many couple adult movies do contain anal sex but draw the line at more exotic acts and positions. Some adult movie fans argue that couple adult movies are the best adult movies on the market because adult movies viewers can better identify with the scenes in these adult movies.

Shop couples sex movies.


Fetish Adult Sex Movies

If you have more specialized adult movies tastes like leather and spanking, then it’s time to head down to the dungeon and explore what fetish adult movies have to offer.
Most fetish adult movies involve the kinkier side of sex. Adult movie stars are often dressed in exotic leather or vinyl outfits. Some adult movie stars punish each other with a whip, paddle or simple bare-handed spanking. These adult movie scenes sometimes involve pretending to chain someone to a table or the wall, ordering or dominating other adult movie stars or dripping hot wax over them.

Fetish adult movies are also used a catch-all category for special-interest adult movies specializing in girls with small breasts, in foot-play and other exotic adult movie interests.

Explore your fetish film side.


Gay Sex Adult Movies

If you’re interested in pure manly action in adult movies, then gay adult movies will help scratch your itch.

These adult movies are focused on gay men. Gay adult movies have lots of stroking and ball play as well as oral and anal sex. Adam & Eve offers a limited selection of gay adult movie titles - including features, wall to wall and comp adult movies. For a more extensive adult movie selection, visit, one of our partner sites.

Look no further for hot gay sex action.

Girl-on-Girl and Lesbian Adult Sex Movies

If you can’t get enough of box-munching adult movie babes, then brace yourself for girl on girl adult movies.
The only men in these adult movies are behind the camera. All-girl adult movies are popular among lesbians and heterosexual men alike. Girl-on-girl adult movie titles generally have lots of foreplay including nipple sucking and fingering and a wide variety of settings - bedrooms, showers, hot tubs, parks, etc.

Action in girl-on-girl adult movies is not just limited to box munching. Many girl-on-girl adult movies include toy play with vibrators or dildos. Some of these adult movie scenes include clitoral grinding with double dongs, while other adult movie scenes feature vaginal and anal sex with strap-on dildos.

If you're after hot lesbian action, check these titles out.


Gonzo Sex Adult Movies

If you’re interested in lots of hands-on interaction with adult movie stars, close-up adult movie camera shots and no-holds-barred adult movie action, then gonzo adult movies are the way to go.
Gonzo adult movies can be hard to describe, even some people in the adult movie industry have problems finding a good description for gonzo adult movies. But most adult movie fans agree that gonzo adult movies involve interaction between the adult movie stars and the adult movie cameraman or adult movie director. This interaction in gonzo adult movies can be limited to the adult movie director or adult movie cameraman asking the adult movie stars a few questions or actually having sex with the adult movie star.
Gonzo adult movies typically start out with the adult movie film crew picking up an adult movie star and inviting the adult movie star inside their van or back to their hotel. The adult movie stars in these adult movies are often "fresh-faces," either brand-new to the adult movie industry or appearing in relatively few adult movies. The adult movie film crew will talk with the adult movie star, asking her turn-ons, orgasms, etc. The adult movie director or adult movie cameraman will often pull the adult movie star’s shirt or pants down for some close-up shots. In most gonzo adult movies, the adult movie director or adult movie cameraman will then film themselves having sex with the adult movie star. But in some gonzo adult movie, the adult movie film crew brings in a male adult movie star for this segment of the gonzo adult movie.

Sex in gonzo adult movie scenes is often fast-paced and takes an anything-goes approach. If you’re looking for exotic positions and acts, gonzo adult movies are a great start. Many adult movie fans simply can’t get enough of the sheer excitement and sexual energy in gonzo adult movies. The camera work in gonzo adult movies often consists of detailed close-ups - sometimes the adult movie cameraman will film himself getting a blowjob. Adult movie fans are especially fond of these adult movie point of view shots because of the illusion that the adult movie viewer is the one getting a blowjob.

The adult movie term gonzo comes from a Boston slang phrase referring to the last man standing after a drinking competition. A reporter borrowed the term to describe Hunter S. Thompson’s journalistic approach of becoming part of the action rather than an impartial observer.

Join all the Gonzo fun.


Hairy Adult Sex Movies

If you’re sick of seeing bald beavers in adult movies, then you’ll appreciate the natural beauty of hairy adult movie stars.

The majority of recent adult movies feature adult movie stars either completely shaved or with their pubic hair trimmed. It’s getting harder and harder to find untrimmed adult movie stars, which is where hairy adult movies come into play. Hairy adult movies offer the same action as other adult movies; hairy adult movies just have adult movie stars with natural, untrimmed bushes.

Visit the hairy bush.


How-To Adult Sex Movies

If you’d like to expand your sexual proficiencies or become a more talented lover, then a how-to adult movie will show you the way.

How-To adult movies try to make learning fun. Adult movie stars give you tips or exercises to help you master different sexual techniques like G-Spot sex. These adult movies then illustrate their point with a relevant sex scene from an adult movie.

Learn all you need to know.


Interactive Adult Sex Movies

If you’d like to make your own adult movie, an interactive or point of view adult movie can put you in the adult movie director’s chair.

Interactive adult movies often feature one or two popular adult movie stars filmed in a wide variety of positions and actions. You can then use your remote to make the adult movie stars act innocent or talk dirty. You can order the adult movie stars to bend over for anal sex or a doggy-style romp. Some of these adult movie titles let you change the camera angle, the scenery or pick the adult movie star’s outfit. Many interactive adult movies are filmed with special adult movie point of view camera angles to put you in the middle of the adult movie’s action.

Take control with our Interactive Sex Adult Movies.

InterracialAdult Movies

If you enjoy adult movies with white chicks getting a pounding from black studs, then interracial adult movies will ignite your jungle fever.
The bulk of interracial adult sex movies involve black male adult movie stars and white female adult movie stars or white male adult movie stars and black female adult movie stars. Interracial adult movie scenes cover a wide variety of sex. Interracial adult movie titles are mainly found in the wall-to-wall and comp adult movie categories. There are very few interracial scenes in feature adult movies.

If you’re looking for an Asian or Latin interracial adult movie scene, your options are rather limited. There are few male adult movie Latin stars in the adult movie industry and few to none male adult movie Asian stars. Many of the Asian and Latin adult movies are made with white male adult movie stars instead.

Check out some of the hottest Interracial titles in the adult movie industry.


Latin Adult Sex Movies

If you want to hear an adult movie star scream out "Muy buenos," then you’ll go nuts over our Latin adult movies.

These adult movies star Latin adult movie stars in all kinds of sexual positions and adult movie themes. These adult movie Latinas bring lots of sexual passion and excitement to the adult movie screen whether they’re bending over for anal sex or licking each other’s slits. Latin adult movies tend to take a no-holds-barred approach - making for a wild and exciting adult movie.

Head south of the border now!


"MILF" Adult Sex Movies

If you enjoy MILFs and experienced adult movie stars, then our older adult movies will get your blood running.

These adult movie titles play on the whole "Mom I’d Like to..." theme by pairing older female adult movie stars with younger male adult movie stars. The female adult movie stars often talk about teaching their stud how to please a woman. Many of these adult movie titles involve the female adult movie star taking control. The action in these adult movies is comparable to other adult movies, though some of the older female adult movie stars aren’t as flexible as their younger adult movie counterparts.

MILF Movies Galore.


Oral Sex Adult Movies

If you enjoy tongue play and oral sex in adult movies, then our selection of oral adult movies will make your jaw drop wide open.

These adult movie titles are all about oral sex - particularly the fine art of giving a blowjob. These adult movies involve lots of deep-throat action as well as ball play and ball sucking. You can also count on seeing 69s, box munching and some rimming in oral adult movies, but these adult movies either ignore other sexual acts or spend very little time on them. Oral adult movies typically contain lots of facials.

If you love mouthy tarts, check out these blow job babes.


Orgy Adult Sex Movies

If your idea of serious adult movie fun involves three or four women lined up in a row getting a backdoor pounding at the same time, then you’ll love to join other adult movie fans by checking out some orgy adult movies.

Orgy is a somewhat loose term in adult movies. Some adult movie fans consider an adult movie orgy to be 4 or more adult movie stars, while others argue that it should be 5 or more adult movie stars. Some adult movie fans also argue that a true adult movie orgy should have a ratio of no more than 4 male adult movie stars to every female adult movie star and vice versa. Regardless of which school of though you follow, orgy adult movies contain lots of action with tons of variety and loads of adult movie stars.

Check out all Adam & Eve orgy sex movies.


Solo Adult Sex Movies

If you’d like to watch someone masturbating just for you, then you’ll have your hands full with solo adult movies.

These adult movies are made up of finger-banging babes and lean, mean, strokin’ studs. These adult movie stars show off their personal side by masturbating in front of the adult movie camera. While playing with themselves, the adult movie stars tend to talk dirty to the adult movie camera. Many of these adult movie stars use a large variety of toys as well as their fingers and hands.

Browse solo female adult sex movies.


Squirting Adult Sex Movies

If you’d like to watch female ejaculation in adult movies, then our squirting adult movies will make you gush with excitement.

By hitting a woman’s G-spot just right, some woman will ejaculate a small amount of clear, odorless liquid. While squirting adult movies contain the typical action of other adult movie titles, the focus is on making the female adult movie star squirt during the middle of sex. These adult movies feature lots of close-up shots to capture the moment of female ejaculation.

Make sure you've got your raincoat ready for these squirting vixens!


Adult Movies with Younger Stars

If you’ve got a thing for fresh-faced babes in adult movies, then our adult movies with younger stars will knock you for a loop.

These adult movies feature adult movie stars in the early stages of their careers. These adult movies place a major emphasis on natural appearance so many of these adult movie stars fit the "girl-next-door" look and lack the silicone and plastic surgery scars of other adult movie stars. Many of these adult movie titles play to special tastes with adult movie stars dressed in plaid skirts and tight white blouses. Action in these adult movies is usually diverse, energetic and always exciting.

Hot new Co-eds found here.


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