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Best Types of Penis Pumps - Which Works Best?

You can basically sort penis pumps into three broad types, based on how they create a vacuum. The three types of penis pumps are described below to help you decide which one best fits your sexual needs.

The Bulb Penis Pump

The most basic type, this penis pump features a simple bulb. Squeezing the bulb with your hand slowly and steadily removes air from the penis pump tube. This method is easy to make and build – making it the style of choice for inexpensive penis pumps. However, the penis pump squeeze bulb does have some drawbacks. Repeated use can cause your hand to cramp up and ache. And the squeeze bulb can only handle so much pressure. When the pressure within the penis pump hits a certain level, the squeeze bulb will completely deflate and simply stop working all together. Bulbs are good pumps for beginners, but they lack the power more advanced penis pump users want.

The Trigger Penis Pump

Found on more advanced penis pumps, this type features a pistol grip that fits in the palm of your hand along with a trigger for you to squeeze. These penis pumps tend to cost a little more than your basic bulb-style, but trigger pumps are much easier to use and less likely to cramp your hand. And trigger-style penis pumps can reach much higher levels of pressure than a simple squeeze bulb. Trigger pumps are good for intermediate and experienced penis pump users who want something more powerful.

The Automatic Penis Pump

Automatic penis pumps use a battery-powered motor to handle all the suction for you. This has the benefit of freeing up one of your hands completely. Automatic penis pumps also have some special features like a vibrator or stroking mechanism so they can be used for masturbation as well as pumping. Unfortunately, automatic penis pumps are the most expensive type of pump on the market. Many automatic penis pumps go through batteries pretty fast so they have larger than expected operating costs. And they don’t generate as strong as suction as trigger-style penis pumps. Automatic penis pumps are good for guys interested in pumps that can double as masturbators.

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