Barry Frankenstein
Barry Frankenstein

Hometown: Ingolstadt, Germany

Least Favorite Book/Movie: That commercial with the little girl giving me a flower. I'm allergic to them in real life, but everyone keeps giving them to me.

Hobbies: Running from angry mobs, Hunting down my creator so he can know the pain of my existence, Anything that involves sewing.

Favorite Sex Position: We call it the Tune Up. It involves the Mrs. and myself tightening and loosening certain parts of our anatomy as we oil each other up.

Kinky Secret: My wife and I sometimes swing with the Bigfoots down the street.

The Nominees are:

Glow in the dark Clone-A-Willy

Glow in the dark

Now that I can make my own, I can stop raiding graveyards looking for a bigger one.

A&E Warming Rabbit G

A & E Warming Rabbit G

Wife's favorite toy. Don't try to recharge it with lightening bolts. The rabbit will melt and your wife will make you sleep in the lab for a month.

Couples Sex Machine

Couples Sex Machine

Great toy for sharing with the wife. It's like having a threesome every night!