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How To Be A Stripper - At Home!

4. Consider a "stage name" for fun. This is your show, you're calling the shots! Add words like "The Amazing," or "Goddess of Love" to your first or last name. Or make one up entirely. Remember, this is about having sexy fun!

5. Work on your patter. A stripper is here is to entertain and make her male audience feel like the only smart, sexy guy in the room. Ask him how his day was, then tell him it's about to get much, much better!

6. Get dolled up. In addition to your costume, sexy moves and hot talk, any amount of make-up, perfume or just simple lipstick will add even more star quality to your performance! PS: Don't forget your bikini line, if you think that will add some sizzle!

7. Take your time. He's going to want to savor every second, so give him a three course meal - of you!

8. Make eye contact. Let any body contact linger as well. You're in charge!

9. Consider adding a lap dance - and more! To go "all XXX" on him, try some suggestive moves with a vibrator or dong.

10. Throw a robe on when your routine is done. This helps define the "show." Now you're both "backstage," relaxed and soaking in the wild experience you've both shared. Who knows what'll happen next!

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