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Name: Eden
Age: 34
Title: Search Engine Optimization Coordinator
Relationship Status: Single
Wishlist: The Cone, Teaser Scoop Vibrator, Inflatable Love Lounger
Wascally Wabbit Vibrator
A classic, this is the vibrator every woman should have in her bedside table. I, like most women I know, bought this initially based on Sex in the City and it was a great investment; very few men can pull off what this little bunny does. You can start slow and build up to the crescendo or just go in for the quickie either way Mr. Bunny gets the job done. Even after trying other vibrators this is still my favorite & the remote control makes life so much easier, you practically have to be a contortionist to use some of the other multi-speed vibrators. I paid something like $90 for my first rabbit vibrator so this is a pretty small investment for lot of orgasms; hmm I wonder what the cost per orgasm works out to be?

Clit Buddy Rocky Rabbit Vibrating Cock Ring
So the whole vibrating cock ring thing kind of freaked me out at first. Does it work, does it hurt, who the hell is going to be my guinea pig; all questions I asked myself. So, I found a guinea pig, found out it hurts so good and uh, yeah found out it works. Once the guinea pig was located and wooed we both realized this cock ring thing rocks. Good for both of us & me for obvious reasons, clit stimulation in conjunction with a real live penis attached to a real live man always makes for a good day. And for him: turn this baby around so it sits against his balls and give him the best blow job you've got in you, he'll love it. Of course do this after you've discovered the joys of the vibrating cock ring yourself because unless he reloads quickly you won't get the chance.

Cuban Heel Sheer Thigh High Stockings
You don't see these very often these days but they are hot. Paired with a fitted business suit and some three inch heels every man you see is going to be panting after you. The seam makes your leg look longer and the thigh high makes you feel sexier but itís the heel that makes these stockings erotic. That little triangle if fabric peeking out of the back of your stiletto is like letting him sneak a peek at your silk panties when you cross your legs. It's the polite way to say "Fuck me".
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Name: Rick
Age: 29
Title: Internet Marketing Coordinator
Relationship Status: Single
Wishlist: Pro-Xzek Supreme Vacuum Pump Kit, Firewoman Inflatable Sex Doll

Pearl Beaded Prolong Ring
Cheap, simple, effective. It doesn't have to be expensive to work great! And don't leave it on too long, any cockring isn't good after about 20 minutes.

Hard Man's Tool Kit
Every man loves tools, and this kit is no exception. This has all the right tools to get the job done! I'm pretty much an average sized guy so it worked really well for me. There's lots of suction and the translucent case is really a turn on! And my lady loved the results after just the first time I used it!

CyberSkin Twin Teaser
This masturbator is thicker, heavier and feels sturdier than most. Open-ended for easy cleaning and two sensations to suit your mood.
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Name: Cat
Age: 40
Title: Last Chance Manager
Relationship Status: Married
Wishlist: Penetration Station
Any Rabbit Vibrator
Talk about total stimulation inside and outside, AT THE SAME TIME! Can you say orgasm in under 2 minutes!?! This type of vibe is great alone or with your partner.

Adam & Eve "Make Me Cum" Clit Sensitizer
Just a dab rubbed on your clit and you will have even more sensations than you ever imagined. Feels good and gets you REALLY in the mood!

I-D Pleasure Lube
I only use this when I need a little lubrication or want to make great sex, SPECTACULAR! This also increases your sensitivity & sensations BOTH internally and externally.

Adam & Eve's Cilt Bumper Cock Ring
This is such a great add-on to sex item for couples. Just the thought of adding something naughty into sex play can be such a turn on. This has benefits for both of us. It does make the penis harder AND it turns it into a vibrator. This one can give you a SCREAMING O when you are riding cowgirl!! This is just a beginner vibrating cock ring. If you find you like them you can move on to ones that last longer or have more powerful bullets. I pack this one to carry on vacation to give him at least one wild night he will NOT forget!

And FREE GIFTS! I love the idea of getting free gifts. Whether it is an adult DVD, sex toy, sex lube, or even a surprise. Sometimes I get something I wouldn't think about buying, but find out that I like it and then buy it!
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