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Name: Lucas
Age: 26
Title: Internet Marketing Copywriter
Relationship Status: Single
Wishlist: Begi nner's Bondage Fantasy
Under The Bed Restraint System
Maybe it's just my caveman side, but there's a deep-seated & almost primal satisfaction in tying your partner up or even getting tied up yourself. With this setup, you don't have to worry about bed posts and they slip right under the mattress when not in play. The lengths are all adjustable, but you won't be able to get a very tight fit as with some other bondage kits.

Super Head Honcho Masturbator
There is a reason why this is the most popular male masturbator on the market. Easy to use one-handed while surfing the Internet or working the remote control, the realistic material and special suction feeling creates a knee-shaking experience. The Head Honcho Male Masturbator is a good for budget-minded customers. It's also a little more durable and easier to clean but lacks the Fleshlight's size, realism and sucking power.

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Name: Pandy
Age: Somewhere between 21 and 40
Title: Assistant Merchandising Manager
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Wishlist: The Cone, Libera tor Ramp & Wedge Combo, Velvet Touch Clit Licker
Vibrating Boyshorts
Love these! They're so cute I couldn't resist. Perfect for under skirts and with stockings, especially those short Halloween or naughty costumes. Enough coverage just in case someone "accidentally" gets a glimpse. And the fun of secretly getting off in public? Too much!

Rechargeable Jack Rabbit
Well, there's nothing like the real in & out, but when my honey isn't available, this is the old standby. We all dig the rabbits and this is another great one. The metal beads are nice but the bunny head is where it's at. This guy comes with an environmental benefit too since it's rechargeable; you don't have to worry about batteries falling out, buying new batteries, or trashing old batteries. (an added selling point for a environmentally conscious crunchies like me)

Color Power Bullets
An updated, prettier version of the standard silver bullet. I'm partial to the purple. So cute, small, and portable & keep one in your car for those desperate times (you never know when you're gonna be stuck in traffic or a snow storm)! Stick it in your pocket and go...but a word of warning, flip the batteries around because these bullets tend to be touchy with the connections. You don't want to get caught buzzing in the middle of the library!

The Accommodator
This cracks me up. Every time I see this I think of Alex from Clockwork Orange with his enhanced nose appendage. I can't begin to picture anyone actually using this, but it gets good feedback! I think if someone came at me with this thing I'd either run screaming or laugh my a$$ off. Yowza!

Open Sesame Garters
Another item that makes the list due to its perplexing nature. Maybe it's the image, but I can't really take this one seriously. I'm glad it works for our customers!

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Name: Lauren
Age: 27
Title: Internet Project Coordinator
Relationship Status: Single
Wishlist: Vibrating Boy Shorts, Inflatab le Love Lounger
< span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Rotating G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
This vibrator has all the things I want. Rotation, clitoral stimulation, and a g spot stimulator. This baby is probably the main reason I'm still single!

Retractable Heart Massager
I think every girl should have a bullet vibrator. There are so many great things this vibrator can do. You can use it for the obvious - clitoral or nipple stimulation - but have you ever tried to soothe a foot cramp with this thing? It's totally awesome.

Real Skin Softy Ben Wa Balls
The first time I tried these, I definitely did not know what to expect. Everything was awesome though. I put them in and decided to clean the house. With all the walking and bending, these things got me hot pretty quick. They're pretty large, but I think they really help tone up those PC muscles - Dr. Kegel has nothing on these balls! I suggest using a lube the first time around, just to get them in easier. And that little rope is such a savior. Until I get better control, I'm sticking with these.

One Touch Micro Vibe Clamps
I really like these clamps. They are small for storage and super easy to use. You can adjust the the amount they squeeze so that you don't over-do anything. And once they started buzzing, I started tingling. I've never had a toy work so well so quickly before!

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Name: Larry
Age: 30
Title: Web Designer
Relationship Status: Swinger
Wishlist:King Dong Dildo, A&E's Ginger Pheromone Massage Lube , Love Swing
Kinky Virgin Masturbator
Awesome, tight feeling masturbator. And it's still got the hymen in it! My wife and I have been around the block a few times now, so breaking that hymen really reminded me of the first time I slept with a girl and broke hers. Plus watching my Little Admiral pound through that clear masturbator really gets me off.

Try this on for size, it's one size fits all and boy does it fit well! Surprise your partner with this sexy straight jacket for your twig and berries.

The Accommodator
Careful with this one! Once you "accommodate" her with this she'll be wanting you to wear it all the time. Next thing you know you'll be wearing it at the mall.

Ball Banger Cock Ring
Wow! This cock ring really gets me going. When I'm trying to add something extra special with me and my woman I wrap this tight baby around my schlong and start pounding away! Feeling those balls hit my balls is just out of this world. Plus the lady loves when they tickle her taint and back door!

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