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Sportsheets Doggie Strap

Sportsheets Doggie Strap

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108 reviews

Turn doggy into your favorite position!

Maximize your pleasure during doggy-style sex with this sex position aid for a better angle for G Spot stimulation and deeper, stronger penetration.

- Angle makes it easier to hit the G Spot
- Allows for deeper penetration and stronger thrusting
- Padded for your comfort
- Compatible with the Sportsheets Hump and Bump Vibrator
- Measures 4 inches wide and up to 49.5 inches long

The Doggy Style Strap fits easily around your partner’s waist and hips, leaving you to hold the ends. This leaves her butt and hips elevated at a unique angle, making it more likely for you to hit her G Spot than if she was just resting on her knees alone. Plus, this helps take some of the weight off her knees and lower body to give her a more comfortable and pleasurable experience, while also making her feel even tighter!

And the straps give you greater control during sex than ever before. By yanking on the straps when you thrust in, you can slide in deeper and stronger than usual – kicking your sex life up a notch while making her dirtiest dreams come true! And then let the straps fall loose after to give her a weightless-like sensation that’s positively out of this world! 

The strap measures 4 inches wide and stretches up to 49.5 inches long – making it long enough to accommodate a wide range of body types. The strap is comfortably padded for maximum comfort. It’s smooth to the touch and feels like velvet. A stiff neoprene backing provides extra durability and longer life.

Adam & Eve recommends this sex position aid for intermediate and advanced sex toy users interested in maximizing their pleasure and couples especially fond of doggy style sex.

Get the most out of your Sportsheets Doggy Style Strap with the Hump and Bump Vibrator. A Velcro-like system holds the vibrator in place to tickle her clit while you pump away.

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85 of 90 people found this review helpful
not to bad
On 10/24/2009 7:49:03 PM
its not to bad it helps take the pressure off your knees and give him a little more control, definitely aids in getting him to get in deeper :)
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60 of 61 people found this review helpful
Not too bad
Anonymous On 8/5/2017 9:46:42 AM
I'm a plus female. This is just barely big enough to use. So just FYI if you have a tummy at all. Size 22/24
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52 of 53 people found this review helpful
ride um
On 4/29/2010 10:21:26 PM
this is the best after being in a car accident and getting my back hurt this works so great to keep the pain off my back love it
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52 of 52 people found this review helpful
Not the best choice...
Anonymous On 6/25/2017 7:19:28 PM
Unfortunately, this did not turn out to be as fun as we thought it would be. Unless it is positioned in front of the hips, it cuts in painfully to the abdomen- and it has a tendency to slip out of position with movement. The handles were uncomfortable for my partner as well. We had high expectations for this to be a lot of fun, but it turned into a disappointment. Didn't realize until after I'd thrown away the box and receipt that it could have been returned. For something really useful and fun, try the wedge pillow (Liberator), it's expensive, but high quality and worth it.
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51 of 60 people found this review helpful
not usable
elderwitch On 7/21/2012 1:45:16 PM
it is too small to be of use to anyone with a waist...the straps are not adjustable so they are too short... would not spend the money on this if I were you...are going to use it for something else.
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50 of 50 people found this review helpful
She loved it!
SlowPOKE González On 8/27/2017 12:40:02 PM
My spouse loves the feel & creativity we've had with this product. She really likes the lack of pressure on her hips from my hands while I have her bent over & the deeper feeling of penetration.
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49 of 49 people found this review helpful
On 9/8/2010 11:15:39 AM
We loved Doggie style before getting this but now, we LOVE it! It totally makes a difference for how deep penetration goes and it really did take pressure off my lower back and legs.
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49 of 51 people found this review helpful
On 5/20/2011 8:04:59 PM
When I take my wife from behind with the doggie-strap, she shows much more reaction to each thrust than without. She has much better orgasms with it from behind than without.
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48 of 48 people found this review helpful
c&r On 12/27/2010 10:43:49 PM
We love doggie and this was awesome. I highly reccommend it to anyone who loves doggie or just wants to try something new. Great for depth and angle changes!
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46 of 47 people found this review helpful
Great addition to the small collection of toys I h
Anonymous On 8/17/2017 3:51:46 PM
Me and my man loved this. First time we used it he was amazed by how much he liked it. Definitely worth buying if you like the doggy position.
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