Liberator Heart Wedge

Liberator Heart Wedge

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Your heart-shaped ticket to kinkier sex!

This super romantic gift supports your partner as you try new sex positions and helps spice up old favorites!

• Compact version of the popular Liberator Wedge
• Shaped to comfortably fit your derriere
• Sharp incline for deeper penetration and G Spot stimulation
• Provides soft, comfortable support for a variety of sexual positions
• Great gift for Valentine’s Day or any romantic occasion
• Super discreet – hide it in plain sight as a decorative throw pillow
• Measures 17.5 inches across, 11 inches long and 7 inches tall at the top
• Tapers down to 1.5 inches tall at the base
• Removable outer layer for easy cleaning
• Water resistant inner layer to protect the foam interior

A smaller and more discrete version of our best-selling Liberator Wedge, this new heart-shaped version is a sure winner! Like the full-sized wedge, this one features a sharp incline – allowing you to position it easily for better stimulation. The heart wedge is even contoured to better fit your partner’s butt! You can also use the soft and comfortable pillow to help support your body while trying a variety of new positions or spicing up some old favorites.

With its heart shape, the Liberator Wedge makes an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, a special anniversary, or any other romantic occasion. And the sexual position aid is incredibly discreet. You can hide it in plain sight as a romantic gift or a throw pillow on your bed or nearby chair. With the soft and supple outer covering and rich merlot color, the pillow looks more like an accent piece from a famous interior decorator than a sex aid.

The wedge measures 17.5 inches wide by 11 inches long by 7 inches tall across the top. The wedge tapers down to the base, which measures 1.5 inches tall. The Heart Wedge is covered with a soft and smooth outer layer of velvish. You can unzip that outer layer to reveal a water resistant inner layer made of polyester to protect the furniture grade foam core of the wedge from getting wet.

Adam and Eve recommends the Liberator Heart Wedge for couples interested in experimenting with new positions as well as couples in need of extra support.

After using the wedge, you can unzip the outer covering and wash it to clean it.

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"Great for raising my wife’s butt off the bed, getting better leverage for oral sex and better access to probe her beautiful butt with a toy."
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Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/7/2017
Pros: We don't know how we got by without this! My wife is only 5ft tall and it was impossible to get into many positions due to her short legs. It has the perfect and not only for her, but for me as well to discover new angles. It is very well made. It's durable enough to handle regular use. Easy to clean and very discrete if you have children in the house.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 3/8/2017
Cons: Seems a bit too expensive for a pillow.
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liberator heart pillow Submitted 5/20/2012
my wife really enjoys the pillow takes alot of pressure off the knees and hips while you are doing doggy style.
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Travel size fun! Submitted 4/30/2012
Great little wedge, tons of support. Also we can leave it out in the open or travel with it and not raise any eyebrows!
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hard ride Submitted 11/1/2012
Works good..a little on hard side..could be a softer ride for heart plush.
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Super Submitted 3/18/2013
Every couple should have one of these. Unbelievable positioning and really intense experience. Great shape and stability, super fun to mess around with.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 1/12/2017
Pros: Love everything about it. My wife loves it. She's petite and it props her up to a perfect height. Quality is excellent and it looks great as a decorative pillow when not being used. Would recommend to anyone looking for a discreet but effective pillow
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She is climbing the walls, or headboard! Submitted 3/20/2014
Simply amazing. Its pretty small so it needs adjustment as you go along. That said I just watch her eyes roll to the back of her head. Makes it sooo much easier on me also. Just buy it and you'll both be happy.
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Cute and functional! Submitted 3/19/2015
This pillow is very cute, and doesn't look weird on our bed at all! Additionally, I will say that I've also used it for temporary relief from my lower back pain. The only thing I don't like about the pillow is that it is quite harder than I was expecting. But it gets the job done!
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love it Submitted 3/20/2012
seems to be great so far
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