Adam & Eve Ribbed Condoms 13-pack

Adam & Eve Ribbed Condoms 13-pack

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Thin, Ribbed Condom Both of You Can Enjoy!
Uses Long-lasting, Extra-Slick Silicone Lube

Our newest condom is sure to please you both! Guys, the ultra-sheer, ultra-strong latex feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. And the textured ribs will tickle her in just the right places! Get a "baker’s dozen" (13) of these whisper-thin protectors with reservoir ends and slippery silicone lubricant that outlasts all the other lubes on the market!

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Adam and Eve
Male, Female
12 Count
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average Submitted 4/15/2015
no huge ribs.:(
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A better skin! Submitted 7/6/2008
My wife really love it and now she doesn´t whant to make love without those...She said those are like a secund skin, but better.
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Mixed Submitted 5/4/2015
I couldn't feel the ribbed part; felt like an average condom. He thought it was too tight fir him--he is larger than average though.
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nice condom Submitted 3/8/2008
fun product it spices things up a bit over just a boring condom
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barely there Submitted 7/9/2009
My man usually uses name brand condoms but when he tried these he will never go back to using name brand again. And these are cheaper than what we were using.
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ribbed for my pleasure Submitted 8/13/2009
These are better than those sold in stores. They are your basic ribbed design, but feel absolutely great when your partner wears tham.
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Thin, Ribbed Condoms Submitted 6/12/2008
Best condoms I've used. Very thin, easy to use, and they don't have any scent like other kinds do.
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Great Condom Submitted 7/10/2008
The condom are lightweight and ribbed that you can enjoy great safe sex with and still feel the sensations that you would normally get when you bareback.
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SO-SO Submitted 1/13/2009
A liitle thin had one break.....
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Rubbers Submitted 2/6/2009
They seem to be good product to be. I would recommend them to anyone who ask about them to me.
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