4Play A Set Of Titillating Games

4Play A Set Of Titillating Games

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Got A Dull Routine? –– Play A Hot Game, Or Four!

Nothing Like A Little Competition To Get Things Spicy –– And Everyone Wins!

This set of 4 sexy games come to you in a compact box that's perfect for keeping in your nightstand or travel luggage. Each game is easy to play, and helps makes getting the lovin' started fun, carefree and...easy! Each game incorporates sexy things for both of you to do with each other.

4Play Dice

Take turns rolling the dice. Who goes first? Flip a coin or do rock/paper/scissors, etc. The black die reveals the sexy action to perform. The white die lets you know where to do this action on your lover's body. Repeat until you and your lover are ready for some hot steamy sex. Game over!

Wheel of 4Play

You and your lover take turns spinning the spinner. The first spin selects a prop or action to incorporate into foreplay (like a feather, or a hand). This is shown on the first the inner circle printed on the spinner. Experiment with this prop on your lover before they spin their turn.

Your second spin, the middle section on the wheel –– this is your foreplay spin (kissing, massage, touching). Your lover decides where you may perform this on their body –– and don't forget to use your prop from the first turn!

Finally, when your turn comes up again, spin the outer circle for your sex position. Try it with each other, and if the mood strikes you both then start all over for more props, foreplay and...sexy times!

4Play Fortune

Shuffle the 20 card deck and then lay them out face down in 5 rows of 4. You and your lover take turns flipping over 5 of the cards before you. Your goal is to flip over one card of each color (black, red, peach, tan, ivory). If you repeat a color during your turn, stop turning over any more cards and instead flip your cards back to face down. It is now your lover's turn. The first player to flip over one card of each color wins –– and gets to unleash her or his fantasy. That's a win-win!

4Play Trivia

Players take turns selecting a question from the trivia book provided and posing it to the other player. When asked a question, respond by guessing how you think the person reading it will answer. When you guess correctly you win a point.

The first player to score 5 points wins the game and gets to select up to 3 trivia questions that were played during the game for further foreplay and lovemaking! (Example: if the question is about oral sex, incorporate your favorite oral moves into foreplay.)

4Play Trivia Sample Question & Answer Choices:

Q: When do I think the best time for a "Quickie" is?

a) During our lunch break

b) Before work

c) When we are in the car

Game Box includes 1 sex spinner, 2 foreplay dice, 1 Trivia Booklet, 20 sex cards and rules in English, Spanish, French, and German.

The 4Play A Set Of Titillating Games is great for opening new ways of communicating with each other. It's recommended for playful couples looking to change up their lovemaking routine. Note: it really helps if you both like to play games!


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