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Oral Fun Board Game

Oral Fun Board Game

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Roll For An Oral Overload!

Make game night ‘adults only’ with this naughty oral-themed board game! The Oral Fun Board Game takes you on a lip-smacking rollercoaster of saucy trivia and wild challenges all the way to the steamy finish line.

  • Oral-themed board game for 2 adults
  • Includes fold-out board with 69 squares, trivia cards, game pieces, die
  • Start the fun with sexy trivia
  • Keep it going with Kiss, Joker, and Lube action squares
  • Close your eyes or wear an eye mask during kinky Blindfold challenges
  • Keep ice and something sweet on hand for Food & Drink squares
  • Roll the die to move around the board
  • Hotness factor increases the further you get
  • First one to the finish line wins their choice of pleasure

Give and receive all sorts of lip-smacking pleasure! The Oral Fun Board Game is a guaranteed great night in. Settle in with your sweetheart, your favorite drink, and a couple of handy household props like a blindfold, your favorite flavored lube, and some ice cubes for tongue-twirling fun.

Longest tongue goes first! Take turns rolling the die to move along the board. Hit the Trivia squares and you’ll have to answer a sexy question to keep moving. A Lollipop square means you lose a turn, and the Cheers squares ask you to sip your drink. Kiss squares prompt you to kiss your lover in different places. The Joker squares have wacky and wild dares that are sure to surprise.

Land on a Lube square and be prepared to get sweet and sticky with your favorite flavored lubricant. The Blindfold squares turn up the heat with eyes-closed suggestions. And the Food & Drink squares challenge you to tease with tasty treats.

Get all the way to the end and the winner gets their choice of pleasure. But you might find that you never even make it halfway through this very adult game.

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