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Sugar Sak Storage Bag Large
$12.95 $11.95

Sugar Sak Storage Bag Large

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304 reviews
$12.95 $11.95

Protect Your Favorite Sex Toys & Keep Them Clean!

“Easily the best storage bag for adult toys out there!” –William from Miami

Keep your vibrators and sex toys safe with this body-healthy bag!

The Sugar Sak Storage Bag does a lot more than just hold your sex toys. It also keeps them safe and clean. The interior of the Sugar Sak is lined with BioShield 75, a USDA-approved coating that inhibits the growth of unhealthy microbes without the use of potentially harmful toxins. Lab tests found that Sugar Saks with BioShield 75 prevented yeast and urinary tract infections and protected against bacteria, yeasts, mold and fungi. This keeps your sex toys clean and healthy so you can enjoy them for longer than ever.

The Large Sugar Sak measures 7 inches wide by 13.5 inches long, making it big enough to hold most vibrators and dildos. The designer storage bag combines a leopard-print interior with a satiny exterior. The Sugar Sak Storage Bag is completely lint-free so you can use it with toys made from any type of material. It features a drawstring so you can tie it shut for privacy.

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Black, Red
Decent size and feels great!
"It's soft and smooth and has drawstrings to keep your toys safely enclosed. It is also very appealing to look at!"
" I feel a lot better about storing my toys and keeping them clean now that I have 2 of these."
silky smoooth
"This product is decent in size, easy to find in a dim room and kept my products in tiptop shape"
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Handy For Keeping Toys Clean Submitted 11/16/2014
Sugar Saks are a unique storage option for your sex toys. There are three options - the hot pink XL, red Large, or black Medium. I would prefer the ability to choose the color, rather than having set colors for each size, rather than being stuck with one color per size, but they likely do this for a reason. Each bag has a black satin ribbon as a drawstring, keeping each bag closed rather effectively. I have never felt a need to tie the strings on a Sugar Sak, as they keep my toys in place rather well when just pulled tight. The inside of each bag is a leopard print coated in Bioshield 75, which is said to inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, mildew, and viruses. If all of your toys are of nonporous materials, this feature is not as important, but the lining doesn’t seem to attract lint, hair, or any other debris, which means not having to pick anything off of your toys before using them. I’d prefer a solid lining, as I’ve never been fond of leopard print, but that seems to be the image that they’re going with. I have three of the red Large Sugar Saks, and these are more than sufficient for most vibes and dildos. This measures 11.5 in (29.5cm) from the drawstring to the bottom of the bag, and 7in (18cm) wide, and will fit longer dildos or vibrators, toys with short handles, or a wand somewhat smaller than a Hitachi. One complaint that I’ve noticed that many people have with these bags is that the fabric tends to cling to jelly or silicone toys, and people whine that it’s impossible to get their dildo into the bag to store it, so it’s a waste of money. Yes, it’s a grabby material, and it’s going to cling to other grabby materials. However, people who whine that this makes the bag impossible to use are giving up a little too soon I put them onto my silicone dildos like a condom, well, actually, more like a stocking - gather the bag up in my hands like a stocking before putting it on, position the head in the bottom of the bag, roll it down the shaft, and close.
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A good addition Submitted 10/14/2008
The bag was a little on the small side but I did fit alot in there. It is very discreet and cute so no one knows what you're hiding if they were to come across the bag. Im really glad I went ahead and bought this bag!!
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Decent size and feels great! Submitted 3/16/2014
The Sugar Sak storage bag is a simple yet quality design that allows you to fit a decent amount/size of toys. It's soft and smooth and has drawstrings to keep your toys safely enclosed. It is also very appealing to look at! Be careful not to store toys of different materials together though, as this can cause damage or discolouration to your toys.
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Silky Sak Submitted 4/7/2009
I purchased the large red sak and found it large enough to store my large toy and still had room to put a few more small items inside if I wanted to. I would like to see a small pouch on the outside so I can store my lotions or creams with my toys. I do not know how it will work on killing the bacteria like it advertised, because I have not had it long enough. Nor do I know how it will stand up to washings as of yet.
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Perfect. Submitted 10/6/2009
No matter the toy size, this handy chic holder can handle it. I feel a lot better about storing my toys and keeping them clean now that I have 2 of these.
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Hide your toys with class!!! Submitted 4/15/2015
I've developed quite a collection of toys, so I felt that it was time to start looking for bags to store some of them in...I'm glad I decided to choose this bag! First of all, the bag itself is just absolutely beautiful, both inside and out! I also love how when you pull on the straps that they really do tighten up and don't slack off whatsoever; that way, you know your toys are going to be well protected! Also, the fact that this product is not going to break the bank when you buy is definitely a huge plus! There are some other bags I've gotten that just don't stay nice and tight (no pun intended); with this bag, you will not run into any such problems! This is a high-quality storage bag and can hold a few items; however, like I said before, I've amassed quite a collection, so I'll be ordering a larger size soon enough! Overall, you're getting an amazing product for the price; having a bag like this is DEFINITELY A MUST!!!
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silky smoooth Submitted 2/5/2009
I live in a houseful of pets so holding my toys somewhere secure and clean was always a challenge. This product is decent in size, easy to find in a dim room and kept my products in tiptop shape
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Stains Submitted 9/21/2011
I have a few pastel colored toys and I put them in the bag. After only a few moments my toys had blue spots all over them from the print inside the bag and the stains wont come out of my toys...
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ITS WORTH THE MONEY Submitted 3/2/2009
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Nice Submitted 5/29/2010
Nice little storage bag for your toys. Price not too bad. Use to keeps stuff separated in my larger toy box.
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