Adam & Eve's Marathon Condoms

Adam & Eve's Marathon Condoms

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Condoms Keep You Going For Longer!

Created to maximize your pleasure, our special Marathon Condoms help you go the distance in two different ways. First, the outside is coated with a special long-lasting lube for smoother thrusting and enhanced pleasure. Secondly, the inside of each condom contains our very own Climax Control desensitizer.

Climax Control goes to work as soon as you slip the condom on. The special cream targets the hyper-sensitive nerves in your tip – the same nerves that cause premature ejaculation – and dampens their sensitivity. This makes it harder for you to orgasm, so you and your lover can enjoy longer-lasting sex.

Each package includes 12 condoms.


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Adam and Eve
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works well if you need it Submitted 6/14/2008
I gave this 4 stars because it definitely does what it's supposed to do but only when you really need it. We thought this would be a good idea to prolong the pleasure during a rare kid free weekend even though there have never been any problems before. As it turns out, we shouldn't have bothered because simply having 2 whole days to ourselves was enough to keep us going all weekend. These condoms actually made it more difficult as he had a problem keeping an erection and couldn't finish at all. Maybe the desensitizing stuff was too strong for him. Once we washed off the desensitizer and waited a bit everything was fine. I would suggest only using these if there is a need for them.
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all night long Submitted 6/26/2008
These do work. prolong the expieriance.
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It works great Submitted 11/1/2009
These condoms can make you go all night
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Let the fun Last! Submitted 5/29/2008
These were really good condoms! the desensitizer made everything sooo much better and I was makin her scream my name out! My girlfriend only didn't like the taste of it when she went down...and the outer part wasn't as lubed as I thought it would be..oh well.
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AMAZING Submitted 5/15/2011
these will make you go from 10 minutes to 2 hours
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Only Marathon Submitted 3/29/2008
If you have'nt tried these then do so,because my wife and I are having a good time.Married 33 years and it's like an all new experience,so give them a try.
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All night long Submitted 1/25/2009
Kept me going until my wife and I were finally ready to "get it over with". She was tender for a week. Great product!
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Joe L.
They work! Submitted 7/18/2009
These do what they say! If you are more sensitive than you would like to be, try them!
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Loved it Submitted 2/6/2008
I really liked it. It helped me control him for a long time.
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Stay awhile Submitted 11/1/2008
they do their job very well
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