Pleasure Condom Sampler 75-pack

Pleasure Condom Sampler 75-pack

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Enhance your Performance 75 ways!

Turn your already awesome penis into a HOT ROD OF LOVE with 75 special condoms from our most popular brands! Plain condoms are great––but these take it to the next level! New ribbed, dotted textures, lubrication and designs make you a better lover and protect at the same time!

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75 condoms
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Shawn and Nicole Smith
What a deal! Submitted 2/1/2012
We ordered the 75 pack sampler and let me just say "What a deal!" I love that we were able to spend so little and get so much! We will be using Adam & Eve for all of our bedroom needs!
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charles b
great price Submitted 3/27/2012
good price good products i only rated it a 4 because there were more plain condoms then others such as ribbed you do get a good selection i did not care for the lamb skyn ones though
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Great Selection Submitted 4/9/2012
Came with a variety of condoms! This is the 3rd pack my husband and I have bought, and we will most def order them again!
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Worth Your Wild!! Submitted 1/26/2011
The price is awesome & the variety of condoms make it more interesting in bed! This is one of the best packages you can get, especially if your man wants to see which condoms best fits him. My husband liked all, but maybe a few because they were tight. No matter what, i plan on buying them every time we run out!! ;)
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Great Submitted 2/19/2011
This is a great deal. When i run out i will get more.
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Awesome Variety! Submitted 2/21/2012
Will buy again! (If I ever run out)
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Ramin Herhard
Great selection Submitted 8/18/2008
Great selection of condoms, and great price for what you are getting. It's great for the person who isn't sure which condom they like, a great way to try a bunch out. I give them as wedding gifts!
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Great Choice! Submitted 10/19/2009
I bought these for my girlfriend and I, we love them. We typically tend to stick to what we know and have heard of, ie. trojan, durex, ... But some of the brands that were apart of this sampler pack were simply amazing. Great variety and definitely a twist when it comes to making love. So be safe... Christmas is alot closer than 9 months away. So give these a try and wrap it up.
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Good value Submitted 8/14/2008
Condoms suck but if you have to use them this is a good deal. There isn't anything real special about them but it is a good mix so you can try a bunch of different brands.
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more then worth the money Submitted 2/29/2008
When we got the assortment in we put them in a drawer and every time we need one we pick the lucky one, this is a great assortment.
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