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Seduce Massage Candle 4PK

Seduce Massage Candle 4PK

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Ladies: Light The Fires Of Seduction With Pheromones!

Get in the mood for hot love fast with this 4 pack of pheromone-infused massage candles! Formulated with attractant pheromones, Seduce Massage Candles are designed to boost a woman’s natural attraction – so you’re one step closer to driving the man of your dreams crazy with lust. As each candle burns, its shea butter base melts into a sensual oil ideal for erotic massage.

  • 4 pack of pheromone-infused massage candles
  • Designed to boost a woman’s attractiveness to men
  • Seduce formula’s floral scent includes notes of rose, jasmine, bergamot
  • Shea butter candle base melts into warm, sensual massage oil
  • Light to fill the air with fragrance and pheromones
  • Blow out and pour to give an erotic, pheromone-infused massage
  • Includes four 1.67oz candles

He’ll never know what hit him when you light Seduce Massage Candles! The Seduce Massage Candle 4 Pack includes four candles infused with pheromones. So as they melt, they’ll fill the air with a gorgeous floral scent and pheromones that boost a woman’s natural attractiveness to a man. Seduction was never so easy, and it never smelled so sweet.

Once the seduction begins, blow out your Seduce Massage Candle. The candle’s base is made from slick, moisturizing shea butter. Spread a little between your palms and apply to those sore muscles and beyond until you’re giving an amazing erotic massage that leaves skin so soft and pampered – and also surrounds him with even more pheromones.

Each candle in the Seduce Massage Candle 4 Pack comes in its own tin for easy melting, pouring, and gift-giving.

Ingredients: Shea butter, sweet grapeseed oil, wheat germ oil, Coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Tocopheryl acetate, Diphenylmethane, Estratetraenol

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