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If you get hot & bothered when someone whispers in your ear or you brush your partner’s hair, then you just might be ASMR sensitive – just like millions of other people. Take our ASMR quiz with your partner and find out how ASMR triggers can drive your partner wild for an unforgettable Valentine's Day!

Discover New Ways to Turn On Your Partner with ASMR!

ASMR is the fastest growing trend in the world of sex… and many people still haven’t heard of it. Google searches for ASMR have increased 2,400% in the past five years – more than any other sex-related term. There are more pages about ASMR than about rabbit vibrators, butt plugs or bondage toys. ASMR videos dominate YouTube with hundreds of millions of views as people worldwide watch their favorite ASMR artists. And it’s something you can easily do at home to help spice up your love life.

If you and your partner are interested in exploring ASMR, start by taking our ASMR Quiz to figure out your personal triggers. There are three basic types of triggers – auditory, tactile and visual. You can have multiple triggers as well. After you both take the short quiz, share your results with each other. Then check out the helpful tips below for ASMR foreplay tips and related sex toys.

Auditory ASMR Triggers
Over 45% of our quiz takers reported enjoying auditory stimulation, making it the most popular ASMR trigger. Auditory cues are generally focused on gentle, soothing sounds making them ideal for setting the mood during foreplay. You can include auditory cues in your own love life by:

Whispering in your lover’s ear

Relaxing sounds like a bubbling brook or ocean waves

Talking dirty to your partner

Turning the pages of a book or magazine while reading aloud

Auditory ASMR Triggers

Tactile ASMR Triggers
While this is the least popular ASMR trigger, 35% of our quiz takers were still turned on by tactile stimulation. This can include hugging your partner and the feel of certain materials brushing across your skin. Some tactile cues you can use in the bedroom are:

Giving them a relaxing massage

• Nibbling gently on their ear lube or neck

Tickling your lover with a feather or spanking them with a paddle

Teasing your partner with a finger vibe

Tactile ASMR Triggers

Visual ASMR Triggers
Coming in a close second, this ASMR trigger left 43% of our quiz takers tingling. Visual cues can include certain types of motion like the smooth, flowing movements of yoga or a waving hand. Many people use visual cues during foreplay without even knowing it. Here are some additional ASMR triggers to spice things up even more:

The flickering light of a candle or fire

An exotic costume or piece of lingerie

• Certain facial expressions, such as a warm smile or a winking eye

A sexy and playful striptease

Visual ASMR Triggers

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