Grab a friend or two or three for the ultimate combination of oral and doggy! Designed for group play, this versatile sex position can include three people or a dozen.

The Conga Line

This group sex position is ideal for couples interested in sharing their love and expanding their sexual horizons.

Conga Line Group Sex Position

Difficulty Level
Intermediate: a moderately challenging position for people who want to try something different

Pros & Cons
+ Versatile position can include 3 or more people
Multiple partners can be difficult to coordinate in bed

The first person should sit down with their legs spread open. The second person should lie down between their legs and start performing oral sex on the first person. The third person can then slide between the second person's legs and start pumping away in doggy. You could even add a fourth person at the end with a strap on if you want. The position itself is pretty simple. The challenging part comes when you try to get everyone into the same rhythm. It helps if your sex play list is filled with songs that have easy-to-follow beats.

One of the most interesting things about this position is its versatility. It works for gay and lesbian couples as well as straight ones who don't mind experimenting a little. While the instructions are written for three or four people, you can easily include some additional participants. An extra man or woman could sit on the face of the first person in line. Someone else could slide underneath the person performing doggy to orally satisfy either person. Or you could just work some additional people into the middle.

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