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Sex In The Time Of Covid - Adam & Eve Explores Pandemic Sex/Sales Trends

Hillsborough, NC — Adam & Eve and, America’s most trusted source for adult products, recently polled more than 2,000 visitors to their website, as well as more than 1,000 U.S. adults in the general population, to see how covid-19 has affected their sex lives eight month into the pandemic.

While Adam & Eve customers say they are having more sex during the pandemic, respondents from the general population say their sex lives are more or less the same. Both groups of respondents say they are having sex, on average, once every few days.

Additionally, Adam & Eve customers say they are currently more sexually adventurous while the majority of the general respondents say they are not.

More than half of the Adam & Eve customers polled said they had used a sex toy during this time compared to 30% of the general population. However, over 18% of the general respondents said they had purchased a sexy toy during the pandemic.

For many, sex toys have been difficult to come by. Adam & Eve Internet Marketing Director Glenn Mersereau admits there have been issues with inventory. “Many sex toys come directly from China,” explains Mersereau. “Those items are gradually getting back into stock, but it has taken some time, given the delays in production from the pandemic.”

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen demand for items increase across the board,” said Mersereau. “Notably, we’ve seen spikes in couples games, certain bondage categories and lingerie. Adam & Eve also saw the number of items per order increase and a gravitation toward more expensive items.” Mersereau noted that sales of lotions and oils are up 90% over the same period last year, while lubricants are up nearly 80%. Men’s and women’s lingerie are up over 70%, male products are up by 60% and vibrator sales are up nearly 80% over last year. “We are seeing a higher percentage of both new visitors and new buyers to the site,” said Mersereau. “Buyers are up by 54%. Likewise, the number of visitors that are returning to the site is up by 40% over last year.”

These web-based surveys were conducted by, and an independent third party survey company, and completed by more than 2,000 adult customers, and 1,000 American adults, in an effort to study sexual preferences and practices.

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