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In the workplace, we’re sometimes expected to go through a few on-the-job training courses. But, what would you say if you were expected to complete a class in the strangely erotic?! In Adam & Eve’s latest feature, The Perfect Secretary, that’s exactly what happens to one horny administrative assistant! When Haley Paige can’t keep her hands off of herself at work, she’s sent to secretarial school to learn what it means to be The Perfect Secretary. What she doesn’t know is that The Perfect Secretary is a horny hottie who’s willing to do the bidding of her boss! Just take the head secretary, Carmen Luvana, for example. She runs a tight ship and expects all of her crew members to cozy up to the cock at a moment’s notice. Haley takes notes as Carmen gobbles-up her boss’ goober before allowing him to spread his white out all over her hairless dot. The other secretaries watch with anticipation. And the break room is no shelter from the boss’ knowing eyes. Tony Tedeschi wants to make certain all his girls’ pussies are clean. They wipe down their snatches, and then let loose with their watering holes – urinating openly in front of one another before the bosses beat off on their backsides. To top it all off, Carmen Luvana loses her anal cherry to Vincent Vega! He hounds her about proper diction, and then gives her his own grammar slammer – depositing his knowledgeable dick deep into her derriere! Haley watches every moment from the sidelines, as she’s fit to be tied – bound in kinky bondage clothing and doling out her oratory skills! When Haley enters the “Do Not Enter” room and sees an orgy of unmistakably hot sex going on, she learns the true meaning of becoming The Perfect Secretary: honing your pleasure principles. Based on a mainstream movie, The Perfect Secretary pushes the envelope for Adam & Eve Pictures, featuring urination, heavy bondage and discipline. For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262, cledford@adameve.com

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