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Virginia Beach, Virginia, is a summer hotspot that’s home to all kinds of outdoor activities. When the girls of Sex Across America get into town on the twelfth stop of their American tour, you can bet those activities get a little racier and a lot more provocative! It’s a salute to our troops that brings with it the few, the proud and ever insatiable! Randy Spears acts as the determined drill sergeant for this gaggle of good-time girls. When he wakes them at five in the morning for training, they’re a bit sleepy, but a whole lot horny. They take every opportunity to show off their privates when it’s revealed they like to go commando! After training, the girls get a bit randy. So, of course, they all pile into a hot tub and mobilize their magnanimous mammaries into action. Alexandra Silk, Katie Morgan and Randi Wright wriggle and giggle as they soap-up one another’s slippery sex pots! Then, what better way to finish their day than by going to an all-girl strip club? The girls take center stage for some fully-nude nastiness before a banana eating contest leaves them hot ‘n’ bothered. So, of course, they enlist the aid of a few good men (Randy Spears and Jack Spade) and call to action some very daunting dicks in an over-the-top orgy. And finally, the gang sets sail on the Atlantic in a spectacular sail boat. But, it appears the only vessels these girls are interested in are the ones their men are carrying! Well, it may not be a warship, but this sailboat certainly sees the crew firing off a few of their own gigantic guns! This two-disc set is jam-packed with behind-the-scenes footage, bloopers, cast interviews, bonus scenes and much, much more! The ladies of Sex Across America can’t resist the men in uniform – join them on this stop of their American tour to see what they’re doing to boost morale! It’s the latest from Adam & Eve Pictures and Fallen Angel. For more information, contact: • Craig Ledford, 919-644-8100 X 3262,

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