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2003 Launches “Self Love Hub” For Happiness In and Out of the Bedroom

Hillsborough, NC – You’ve probably heard the saying, “Before you can love someone else, you must learn to love yourself.” In this age of selfies and body shaming, it’s challenging to focus on genuine self love, or truly appreciating and knowing one’s own self. For this reason, Adam & Eve, America’s most trusted source for adult products, has created its Self Love Hub ( ) to help individuals learn more about the importance of loving oneself, and to provide a number of suggestions, exercises and affirmations in support of personal enlightenment.

Inside Adam & Eve’s Self Love Hub

• Self Love Guide – this provides a general overview and affirmations to improve self esteem and help rid oneself of negative thoughts.

• Personality Test – a quick series of 20 questions that, once answered, reveal relationship traits and suggestions on how to make the most of those unique traits.

• Self Love Mirror – highlights fun and exciting exercises to change up normal routines and develop a new appreciation for individuality.

Because self love encompasses much more than sex and sexuality, delved deeper into the psychology behind the romantic choices we make with its Self Love Hub. As Dr. Kat Van Kirk, resident sexologist at and licensed therapist says, “Self love should be our first love… our best love. It’s the foundation of true happiness and any successful relationships. It’s a shame so many people focus on their perceived flaws instead of celebrating them as traits that make them unique.”

Adam & Eve’s Self Love Hub goes far beyond the definition of self love, or the appreciation of the personal growth you achieve from taking care of your needs – psychologically, physically, and spiritually – and gives individuals actionable steps to achieve a higher degree of self love. When these steps are thoughtfully completed, there is a higher probability this will translate into more successful relationships with others and a higher level of overall self care.

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