Sono No. 68 Stroker

Sono No. 68 Stroker

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Lube Up, Slide In For On-Demand Stroking Pleasure!

Textures Inside Give You More Stimulation Per Stroke!

Kick back with your favorite fantasies (or adult content), close your eyes and sink your lubed member into one of the best strokers ever designed. The Sono No. 68 Stroker takes all the great stroking concepts to a new level, with superior stimulation, a welcoming entryway for your erection and a no-slip grip you'll come to appreciate as you blast off.

  • Open-ended masturbator sleeve/stroker for men
  • Made with super-stretchable TPE material
  • Open end can be pinched shut to create intense, life-like sucking experiences
  • Sleeve entrance lined with tantalizing ticklers
  • Inside has special ridges, nodules & bumps to stimulate surface area of shaft
  • Measures a hefty 5.9 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, no slip grip exterior
  • Use with water based lubes, easy to clean

Here's everything you want in a reliable stroker –– to unload everything you've got –– so you can get on with your regular business. In other words, good ol' No. 68 never gets old! Supple, fleshy, flexible TPE material wraps itself around your shaft, creating new mind-blowing sensations as you rub one out.

No. 68 greets the head of your penis with a fanfare of wobbly nodules that swirl & stimulate with the slightest movement of your hand. Yes, tease the head until you can't take any more, then slowly slide your whole hog down this tunnel of lust to the very end. Whew! 

Now you just gotta back up and go in again, except this time it feels even better. And that is the sensual magic of a good stroke sleeve –– a build-up of sensations and stimulation that eventually pays off...big! 

Edge towards your money shot. Change things up: with your other hand, lightly pinch the open ended tip. Feel that? Sucks, right? Sucks good, right!? You can go to town so many ways with this handy tool polisher.

So bury your cares and woes with some of your favorite water based lubes –– and come out a winner.

When your magic penis ride is over, just take your Sono No. 68 Stroker over to the faucet and flush it out with warm water and some mild soap. Your wood will thank you! Only stow away your No. 68 when you're absolutely sure it's bone-dry inside. A cool, dark, dry place like your nightstand, workshop, tool shed, boat or truck makes a good home for this bad girl (or bad boy, if you swing that way).

Hell yes, couples can bring the Sono No. 68 Stroker into bed with them! Why not? Use it for foreplay. Show your partner what you like. It's a sex toy, so play with it.

The Sono No. 68 Stroker is recommended for men ready to pop one off at a moment's notice. No batteries, no fancy technology, just you, the rubber and some lube.


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Stretchy, Open-ended, Textured
5.9 inches
Power Source:
No batteries required
2.50 inches
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