Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand

Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand

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Take Earth-Shaking Wand Vibrations Anywhere!

Doxy’s ultra-powerful wand is now wireless & rechargeable for pleasure anywhere.

Luxurious massager crafted from die cast metal for hefty weight & superior performance.

Protected by Adam & Eve’s special guarantee.

Now you can play long, play hard, play any way and anywhere you choose! This rechargeable wand massager delivers all the awesome power you’d expect from the speedsters at Doxy – without a cord in sight. Its aluminum and titanium alloy die cast handle feels so nice and weighty in your hand, and the extra weight adds extra oomph to your play. Choose from intense pulsation or heart-pounding speed – then dial the strength of the variable vibrations up or down! Play for 60 minutes on a single charge.

  • Luxurious and super-powerful rechargeable wand massager
  • Mind-blowing power! Choose steady vibration or pulsation modes
  • Variable intensity lets you adjust the vibration strength up or down
  • Super smooth and firm 1.85 inch silicone head targets hot spots
  • 10” size is slimmer and sleeker than full-sized wands for greater flexibility
  • Aluminum & titanium alloy handle feels weighty, adds to luxurious feel
  • Smart features: play resumes on the last setting, travel lock
  • USB charging cable included, play up to 60 minutes per charge
  • Includes stylish aluminum storage cylinder

Cords? Where you’re going, you don’t need cords. Not with the Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand at hand! The power-hungry experts at Doxy Massagers make some of the best wand vibrators available, and they’ve finally come up with the perfect rechargeable wand. Feel all the pulse-racing power of a plug-in wand massager – but with no cord to get in your way.

So sleek, so luxurious, so speedy, OMG

From the moment you unscrew its luxurious aluminum storage cylinder, you’ll be blown away by the Doxy Die Cast 3R Wand. Its heavier metal construction feels weightier in your hand. Its sleek design is slightly slimmer than standard full-size wand massagers, so you can guide its smooth silicone head right to your hot spots for powerful targeted pleasure.

Choose from two vibration modes: steady speed or pulsation. Once your Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand is buzzing, dial up the variable strength vibrations by tapping the plus button. Turn the power down by pressing the minus button. Explore the pleasure of low, throbbing pulsation, or feel the ohh-mazing rush of ultra-powerful steady speed.

An hour of fantastic vibrating power per charge

Power this good takes juice, and the Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand Massager has plenty of it. Play for 60 minutes per charge on the highest settings. That’s enough vibration for the most demanding solo and partnered pleasure sessions. So go ahead and take your time – you’ve got plenty.

Recharge with the included USB charging cable. The initial charge could take up to 4 hours; afterward, the Doxy recharges in 90 minutes.

After use, wipe down with toy cleaner and a damp cloth, or wash the head carefully with soap and water. Please note that the Doxy Die Cast Rechargeable Wand is not waterproof, so take care not to immerse it. Once dry, store your wand in the included storage cylinder. 

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CMG Leisure, Doxy Wands
Royal Blue
Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Travel Lock
Male, Female
10.0 inches
Silicone, Metal
Power Source:
1.85 inches