Eve's First Rabbit

Eve's First Rabbit

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Adam & Eve Has The Perfect Rabbit For Beginners!

New to the world of rabbit vibrators? Adam & Eve’s got the perfect introduction: Eve’s First Rabbit! Made of flexible TPR, it boasts all the features of luxury rabbits – multiple duo-directional rotation settings, 4 shaft rotation speeds, and 8 clitoral vibration functions. Its slimmer, sleeker size makes it ideal for first timers.

• Eve’s First Rabbit
• 9” total length, 4.5” insertable
• 1.25” wide center shaft
• 4 speed shaft rotation
• Rotating G-Spot tip with spinning beads
• Multiple duo-directional rotation settings
• 8 vibration function clitoral bunny
• Flicking bunny ears for extra stimulation
• Made from soft TPR rubber
• Easy to use control panel
• Waterproof
• 4 AAA batteries (sold separately)

Make your first rabbit experience a great one! Eve’s First Rabbit has all the features and power found in luxury rabbit vibrators – yet in a more petite, more comfortable design. If you’re a first timer or you’re partial to slimmer sex toys, Eve’s First Rabbit may be the perfect choice.

Get started with your Eve’s First Rabbit by unscrewing the base. Slide out the battery holder, and pop in 4 AAA batteries (sold separately). Screw the base back on tightly. On the control panel’s left, you’ll see rotation buttons. Hit the upper arrow button to watch the shaft’s tip and the beads inside the shaft rotate. Tap it again and again to increase the rotation speed. Dial it back down to off by tapping the lower arrow button.

Want to add clitoral stimulation? Tap the upper button on the right side of the Eve’s First Rabbit control panel. The clitoral bunny will buzz to life! Keep tapping the button to explore 8 vibration functions including steady speeds, pulsation, and escalation. Tap the lower button to change functions or turn off the bunny.

Eve’s First Rabbit can also change rotation directions. Tap the center R/S button for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation, and keep tapping for settings that offer back and forth duo-directional rotation.

Since the Eve’s First Rabbit is waterproof, you can take this toy into the shower or spa. This vibrator is compatible with all types of toys and condoms.

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4 AAA batteries (sold separately)
Adam and Eve
Clitoral Stimulator, Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Rotating Beads, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, Rotating, Multiple Stimulation
4.5 inches
Power Source
Battery Operated
1.25 inches
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Verified Purchase
Really Like It! 11/30/2017
I really was pleasantly surprised by the product, especially seeing that it takes batteries as opposed to being a USB charged toy. It packs a lot of power! I really like the ridges a lot, it really adds to the experience! The rabbit is also very powerful, and will definitely 'get you there.' I'm a smaller girl, so the size was perfect for me, and didn't hurt or require tons of lubrication upon insertion. Cleans well even with the ridges, and doesn't sound like it's dying when you tighten up on it. All in all a really great purchase and I would buy another one!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Totally amazing 12/23/2017
Amazing who needs a man when you got this toy lol
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would be GREAT, except... 2/13/2015
1 - Paid a ton for overnight shipping (that worked) 2 - Item arrived with one of the battery springs completely gone...ie, cannot hold battery 3 - Out of desperation, rigged it with a paperclip 4 - First time, PERFECTION! (but I got scared and took batteries out) 5 - Second time, OOOOOOWWW (my own fault). Man, that battery got hot FAST 6 - Contacted customer service. Very quickly refunded cost of item; however, cannot recoup shipping NOR will they ship replacement product as quickly (or even for free). Very upset.
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Decent, but like all rabbits, breaks easily. 5/8/2015
It lives up to its name, at its humble size, it's great for beginners at penetration. I got it to help me stretch and get ready for the real thing, as it was normally painful and it helped quite a bit. The clitoral simulator helps very much in that department as clitoral simulation allows your muscles to relax for smooth penetration. Now this could just be me, but it doesn't seem to accurately fit into how it's supposed to. If I insert it, the rabbit does hit my clitoris, but on the back of it and not at its ears. And you have to angle it yourself just right for the rotator to actually hit the sweet spot, which could strain your wrist. But like I said, I just may have a weird shape so this could vary, but I would say in the shape it is it's redundant for it to have a rotator. Although the vibrator WILL stop vibrating if you apply pressure to the rotators, so it stopped more than once due to tightening of the walls, which was rather annoying. Sadly the worst of it is that it broke after very minimal usage, this seems to be a recurring problem for rabbit vibrators. Liquid tends to leak in them very easily, I would not trust the "waterproof" claim, myself, as I've had a few break after using them in the shower.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
The free gifts are mostly terrible and lame. 1/8/2018
Low quality; not worth the wait. Tiny and very unlikely worth what they are claimed to be worth.
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grrrrrrr 1/19/2015
I bought one and was super excited till it got it. It barley worked it vibrated a little but did nothing else, so I called customer service and they were super nice and helpful and sent me another one. BUT now the new one is here and it also doesn't work. But first I'll buy new battery's just to double check b4 i call again.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Worth every penny 2/4/2018
I am on the smallish side of tiny, so many internal toys won't work for me. This delicate little friend is just perfect! And the rabbit is fantastic, too! Now I see what all the fuss is about, lol.
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Not enough power 5/15/2015
This is a starter toy only! The shaft is small compared to others. Then because it runs on 4 AAA batteries it does not have a lot of power. The bunny ears are to big for the direct contact of the clit. Then because of the low power as soon as you have contact (no matter how firm or lightly) with your body it stops vibrating. Yes, I did use brand new brand name batteries.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Age: 18-24
Gender: Male
Probably would not buy again 4/19/2018
I bought this product and the rabbit clitoris vibratorer stopped working within the first 2 mins of using it. Seemed like the wiring in it was either faulty or was designed poorly. Not very happy with the quality, not sure if this was just a defect or if this particular type is just not designed well.
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didnt work 5/13/2015
Put batteries didn't work. Now a pink paperweight Im tried several times but there seems to missing parts
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