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Magnifique Natural Contours Massager
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Magnifique Natural Contours Massager

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Find your G-spot with this versatile vibrator

MAGNIFIQUE (ivory): The largest model, featuring a tapered shape,can be used for insertion or external stimulation. The massager measures 7.5" in length, and 1.25" in width.


This revolutionary new line of quality massagers is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of a woman’s body. With three speeds and styles to choose from, the Euro-engineered NATURAL CONTOURS™ massagers are perfect for erotic solo exploration or intimate couple’s use.

At Last! Powerful vibrations put you in charge of your pleasure

What Are G-Spot Vibes?

While regular vibes have a tapered or rounded tip, G-Spot vibes have a curved tip.

Ultimate Vibrators Guide

If you've got a question about vibrators, then Adam and Eve has the answer!

How to Buy Vibrators: Picking the Best Material

Picking the right material for your vibrator is nearly as important as deciding what type you want.

Natural Contours
Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds, G-Spot Tip
Male, Female
Insertable Length
6.5 inches
7.5 inches
ABS (plastic)
Recommended By
Marie Claire, December 2007 issue
1.25 inches
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Old faithful is right 8/21/2008
This was the first vibrator I ever bought, about 8 years ago, and it has outlasted every one that I have since purchased. Now it's lost "that lovin' feelin'" - it doesn't vibrate at nearly as high a frequency as it used to, and to boot makes a pretty loud whirring noise when I turn it on, and for about 5 minutes until it warms up. This was the best vibrator I've ever bought. I am replacing it with the same model.
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I like it but 10/10/2010
I like to lie on my tummy when I do it. I put it under me and press down on it. But since it is made of smooth plastic, it slides around too much on my bed, for me to get good traction. If it had a non-skid rubber strip on the flat side of the handle, I would give this product 5 stars.
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Excellent for the housewife set! 1/18/2008
Nothing fancy or flashy about this vibrator, but it is durable, powerful and does the job nicely. We had one we used for 3 years when it got left behind in a hotel by accident. We got the replacement and my wife couldn't be happier. The only complaint from her is that doesn't stimulate as much area as some of the other vibes we've tried.
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picture a vibrating remote control! 6/29/2009
I was excited to order this, but sad to see how cheap it feels. It is made EXACTLY like a plastic remote control (its like 2 pieces glued together and has that light feeling). It goes from off to highest speed first?? It was also bigger than I was thinking. One good point- great for using during doggy style, because it does fit to your body unlike others.
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Old Faithful 7/3/2014
I was so happy to see these were still available. I've never found one I liked better. I bought the first one I don't know how many years ago and I loved it. I bought two more about 8 years ago and the second one is about to die. I have to smack it a couple times to get the batteries to kick in. :) I'm about to purchase several more. That should last me into old age. In addition to working well, these are easy to clean (important considering).
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Verified Purchase
I trashed it 8/10/2017
It is sooooo loud and cheap feeling, cheap looking... It is also too big (painfully) and did nothing to me inside. It's okay for clit, but for that you could get waterproof, smaller, quiter, better. I ended up trashing it... I'm not kidding. The most valuable parts were the two AA batteries, which I kept so I could have something useful for the $30 bucks I spent. The rest of the item did not even worth the box it was delivered in and batteries you can buy cheaper ??. I would not recommend to purchase this item. True value maybe around $4.99, quintessential "made in China" quality. I was very disappointed with my purchsse.
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Quiet is a lie 3/7/2014
I bought this expecting a nice quiet vibration but it is louder than anything I've ever used. It sounds like something is loose inside of it or the plastic is rattling or something. Can't really get off when I feel like the nieghbours can hear me. The first speed is a nice speed but the second and third are not powerful enough.
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Greater than I thought! 10/25/2008
Not only a good looking, it's really powerful! but quiet! It made me very happy that I can take it to my office, and just tell others, "Hey, my bad neck, you know... I need a massager." Then, when I need it to make me happy... Oh yes!
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First time user 11/28/2008
Purchased this item for a friend who has never used a toy. The first time she used it she said wow!!!!. The second time she used it all she could say was yes, yes, yes......
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great product 11/28/2009
we love it - great for beginners!
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