Vedo Kiwi Rechargeable Bullet With Remote

Vedo Kiwi Rechargeable Bullet With Remote

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This Sneaky Bullet Gets In Deep –– For Unparalleled Internal Stimulation!

Vaginally, Clit Or Nipples –– Play Anywhere, Everywhere You Want!

Your insertable, wearable bullet vibe purchase is backed by our Special Guarantee.

Get all the stimulation you crave, right where you want it, when you want it. Even before you slip Kiwi in, it'll do wonders on the external parts of your body. But wait, once this fantastic bullet vibe is inside you, get ready to discover a whole 'nother new world of sensations! Why not get yourself a pair of Kiwis and never hunger for extra, over-the-top stimulation ever again?

  • Insertable bullet vibe can be used internally & externally
  • 10 vibration modes & 6 intensity levels to discreetly pleasure you 60 ways
  • Shaped for easy insertion & handling
  • Can be worn during other sexual activities
  • Made of silky, smooth silicone & firm, durable ABS plastic
  • Sleek remote control with 3 soft touch buttons, up to 25 feet range 
  • Easy-grip retrieval cord for easy removal & handling
  • USB rechargeable, cord/manual included, 60 minute charge, up to 45 minutes play
  • Bullet is 7.25 inches long, 3 inches insertable, 1.25 inches wide
  • Controller is a compact 3 inches x 1.5 inches
  • Whisper quiet, waterproof & submersible, use with water based lubes only

Target Any & All Pleasure Spots –– Inside & Out –– Via Remote Control!

Your Kiwi is shaped for easy insertion. Just lube it up and slowly slide it in. Wait –– before sliding it in, activate its power button, it'll give a little jolt or hiccup to let you know it's ready for the remote. Once inside, explore all 10 vibration modes & 6 intensity levels for 60 different sensations. It's great for solo fun, or get kinky and hand the remote to your partner!

Once inside, Kiwi is so discreet, you can put on your clothes and go about your normal routine, like tidying up a room –– except now you can add some thrilling sensations & stimulation. Kiwi can nestle up to a woman's G-Spot, or help her strengthen her Kegels. 

Rendezvous with a lover and share all kinds of unique erotic experiences. No one knows you've got Kiwi inside! Step into the tub or shower. Kiwi is waterproof and submersible (but the remote must stay on dry land).

Need More Variety? You've Got It!

You're just getting started. Play with Kiwi on your body's surface zones, too. Nipples, clits, penis heads, you name it, Kiwi can vibe it. Combine Kiwi with your other sex toys or vibrators for a 3-ring circus of joy. And of course you can wear Kiwi during many types of sexual activities and turbo charge your O's.

Ecstasy From Up To 25 Feet Away!

For a lot of couples, this is where the real fun starts. Enjoy remote controlled sensations at home, or in public spaces, fully naked, or completely clothed. The remote is small, with only 3 buttons: on/off to choose the function you want, and separate + or - buttons to control the intensity. Experience 60 different settings in all!

So Easy To Pack (Into Your Luggage, That Is)!

This little joy toy goes under the radar for travel and storage. Make sure you have one ready in your overnight bag and you can expect turbo-charged pleasure –– on demand. 

Your Kiwi can keep its just-like-new feel with a simple cleaning after each session. Use warm water & mild soap, or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Always make sure any sex toy is thoroughly dry before putting it away in a cool, dry, dark place, like a nightstand. Kiwi's travel lock also gives you piece of mind when it's not doing crazy things to your body.



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Savvy, Vedo
Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Kegel Exercise, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Remote Control
Male, Female
Insertable Length:
3 inches
7.25 inches
Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Power Source:
1.25 inches
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Verified Purchase
Overpriced! Remote is nearly useless. Submitted 11/4/2020
Out in the open, the remote works from approximately 10-15 ft. When the bullet is inserted, it does not work further than 2 ft away. Extremely disappointing. The settings seem fine and power is okay. At full power, it can be heard (even when inserted) in a shopping environment. IE grocery store. Overpriced and does not deliver on its claims.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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customer #1
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
okay Submitted 12/21/2020
It’s not completely silent, which is fine. I’m a little disappointed in the intensity of the vibrations, though I am a fan of the remote, makes changing up the vibration patterns so easy.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Very disappointed Submitted 12/24/2020
This could have really been a great product. Except there is no way this thing is submersible/waterproof like it says in description. I don't know about everyone else but if I buy a toy with a remote and I see waterproof/submersible that goes for ALL of it. Even the remote. Which should have been waterproof also. The first thing I do is clean a toy before I use it. After doing this I checked the bullet, just unscrews at the shiny plastic part, and there was water in it. Not as bad as remote which was completely flooded with soap and water! The whole point of having a remote is easier access. Unless you accidentally drowned it by cleaning before use which should be common sense by now. The water got in the part of the bullet that it charges from so it probably wouldn't last very long. On the remote it was in the back part that slides off where the battery is so there's no way it would work after that. I think maybe down the road when they've made a few more of this model, and hopefully improved on waterproofing, I would actually try again.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Gets loud Submitted 1/7/2021
Good vibrations and long battery charge but out of nowhere it will get very loud. Like loud enough to be a distraction. Can use it later without recharging with the same response (quiet at first and then loud) so can't be related to loss of power.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Amazing fun Submitted 5/20/2021
This was a great purchase!
Yes, I recommend this product.
Yes,  I recommend this product.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Very good quality product with a lot of power Submitted 6/5/2021
I like this product but it could be better - it is very powerful and fairly quiet, nice feel, high-quality components and easy to charge. My only negative comment is the vibration patterns - there are about 6 or 7 patterns built-in but the oscillating one that I personally enjoy is not one of the patterns that this toy can do and so, while it is fun to use for some play it just isn't my go-to on a regular basis.
Yes, I recommend this product.
Yes,  I recommend this product.
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