Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Masturbator

Sasha Grey Deep Penetration Masturbator

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Take Sasha Any Way You Want, 24-7!

• Her cast-from-life box is so tight!
• Sasha's back-side is even tighter!
• Caress her tender heart-shaped pubes!
• Add multi-speed bullet vibrator for ecstatic orgasms!
• Open ended
• There's plenty to hold on to –– thrust away!

Made from UR3® Ultra Realistic material, this cast-from-life male masturbator is soft to the touch and feels hefty in your hands, providing a snug and comfortable fit around your erect penis. The Sasha easily stretches to help accommodate any sized man without getting loose. And the textured chambers inside feel like a hot porn star ready to f**k –– let your imagination run wild!

Slather on some water-based sex lube for the best orgasmic experience. This UR3® Ultra Realistic material masturbator sex toy feels just like the real thing. UR3® Ultra Realistic was developed to warm up to your body temperature, be completely flexible and pliable like real flesh. It feels so good.

Your Sasha is compatible with water-based sex lubes. Gel or liquid, you can find a variety of water-based sex lubes for your masturbator here at adamandeve.com or in any copy of the Adam & Eve catalog, available through the mail. Scan about 250 quality adult products at a time, off-line –– it's good reading!

After you’re finished using your UR3® Ultra Realistic, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. The open-ended masturbator design lets you hold it up to the faucet to flush the sex toy completely clean. After letting her dry, store it in a cool, dark place apart from your other adult sex toys.

Now, About That Bullet Vibrator...
At 1” long, this little vibrator features new micro-technology that delivers POWERFUL multi-speed vibrations. With a turn of switch on the one-handed controller, you can set the speed from low to wow!

To change batteries, the see-through case slides open so you can place 2 AA batteries, flat side against the springs.

This is a great solo sex toy for men. It goes beyond simple masturbation. So much so, some couples will enjoy the variety that Sasha adds to foreplay and how it makes him come like a porn star.

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2 AA batteries (sold separately)
Doc Johnson
Stretchy, Open-ended, Realistic, Textured, Battery Operated, Vibrating, Multiple Speeds
10.0 inches
Power Source:
Uses Batteries
5.00 inches
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mmmmmm sasha Submitted 10/3/2010
was skeptical buying this one w/ no reviews yet, but this is a great product the feel is realistic and tight. used it over a dozone times and no tearing yet. which is a first for me, ive had several different toys that all ripped in first few uses.the only downs r the pink lips fade after first use and it takes time to clean & dry, nothing to knock the rating though.its great to go hands free, lube up, pound on it,after cleaning the powder supplied keeps it soft and like new. good stuff
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Wife says thanks! Submitted 12/26/2011
Love this have had it about a year now and I have flat out put it through the ringer, Its holding up well and even is fun to bring to bed with the wife and when she needs down time its always ready. Love watching my wife lick it as I pump!!
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The Good & Bad... Submitted 1/5/2013
The good, it's Sasha! It's tight! It's easy to clean... The bad. One passage/two holes. Tears very easily, mine ripped from puss to ass after about 10 uses. I'm no pornstar, just the "average" guy, so it has nothing to do with that. Now Sasha is as wide as....(enter your own ending) Bottom line... 50 bucks, maybe, buck twenty? Never again...
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Never Knew! Submitted 12/28/2010
I never knew such a thing existed! This thing is great! It's a little smaller than I expected, but heavy. It's a little cold to the touch, but that can be a good sensation too. Nice to have both entries, because the angle is a little different on them. Not really big enough to lay on top of, but works great standing up, etc. I only hope it holds up, because I used it 3 times the first day!
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worth it for the money Submitted 9/8/2012
would have given it 5 stars but the anal and vaginal openings both go to the same tunnel and that is a little disappointing. pubic hair is easily pulled out if your into a cleaner look. i purchased this item because me and my girlfriend go to different colleges and are way to far from each other to actually see one another, this and the clone-a-willy i bought for her take skype sex to a ridiculous new level
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Sasha Grey I Love You! Lol Submitted 8/8/2015
So I have to begin by stating I wa a bit hesitant in buying this item at first as the price seemed great if it really worked. But... Does it really work? I just got it an hour ago (4 days earlier than expected) and OMG it is truly amazing!!! Simply lubed up, slide the egg into the mold and off I went. Amazing!!! Best money I've spent in a very long time. 6 stars on this one!
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Try the Sasha Grey Creampie stroker first Submitted 3/29/2014
This is more of a higher end stroker in terms of price but it's basically a bigger version of the sasha grey cream pie stroker. Both entries feel great and retain heat the longer you use it and it's the type of toy you can lay on your bed and work on your pipe game with. I like it because of it's weight and it's a lot of fun to watch your favorite XXX movies and play with. If you're unsure of spending more than 100 bucks on a toy, try sasha's other toys first. if not go with this. you wont be disappointed. It requires a lot of maintenance and care, but it's definitely worth it.
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Deeper S.
Very Good Submitted 10/20/2014
My name is Deeper and for good reason. This product made me go deeper than I have ever delved into a pussy. Sasha Grey did me well. They should sell these at my local Dunkin Donuts.
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Not tight enough! Submitted 9/7/2015
Was really surprised at how small and light this item was. Not what I was expecting. I've used a similar item that cost way less and it was larger, heavier and tighter. Save your money!
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He loves it!! Submitted 8/20/2010
I bought this for my boyfriend and he is in love! He thought it was stupid at first but once he used it he said he will never jack off again! I was surprised at how realistic it is!
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