Jessie Andrews Stroker

Jessie Andrews Stroker

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Jessie Andrews Is Wide Open & Ready For You!

Your first chance to bone Jessie Andrews, award-winning star of Portrait of a Call Girl and Best New Starlets 2012!  

•    Exact mold of Jessie Andrews, including her pretty pink lips
•    Super-tight interior lined with dozens of pleasure nubs for extra stimulation
•    Open-ended design for easier cleaning
•    Ergonomic handhold molded into the sleeve itself
•    Measures 2 inches wide and 6 inches long
•    Made in America from realistic UR3 for a life-like experience

The amazingly detailed male masturbator is cast from Jessie Andrews herself, capturing every last detail of her beautiful figure, including her soft pink lips and super-tight love tunnel. The interior of the stroker is lined with dozens of pleasure nubs that rub and massage your sensitive tip as you plunge in and out of the stroker while watching your favorite movies with Jessie Andrews.

The stroker is open-ended. This allows you to easily flush the masturbator out after each use for easy cleaning. You can even pinch off the end to create a blowjob-like sucking sensation whenever you pull back for additional stimulation.

The exterior of the masturbator is ergonomically designed with a handhold actually molded into the sleeve itself. Made to naturally fit your grip, the handhold allows you to easily grip and control the stroker even if your hands are covered with slick lube.

The realistic masturbator measures 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. Made in America from UR3, the sex toy is designed to feel and act like real skin. The stroker is soft and comfortable to the touch and extremely flexible to accommodate a wide range of men. Once the Jessie Andrews Stroker warms up, you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between the toy and the real thing.

Adam & Eve recommends the Jessie Andrews Stroker for solo use and for couples to use during foreplay or for handjobs.

The realistic male masturbator is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Keep your stroker clean and looking like new by washing it after every use. Once it dries, lightly dust the stroker inside and out with corn starch to preserve its life-like feel. Store your masturbator in a cool, dark place with the rest of your sex toys.

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No Batteries Required!
Doc Johnson
Open-ended, Realistic, Textured
6.0 inches
2.00 inches
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Bjorn Skullsmasher Thundershaft
Hail, Hail! All hail the Jessie Andrews! Submitted 9/7/2017
I, Bjorn Skullsmasher Thundershaft, Warrior Prince of the Northern Barbarian Tribes received the Jessie Andrews Main Squeeze as tribute from my vassals. Imagine my surprise when presented with a seemingly unadorned drinking horn of matte black! Further, imagine my utter shock when uncorking the vessel to discover the fleshy, eager woman-bits within! “Fetch my axe! Llaendastrind dies for his insolence this day!” I cried out, ready to repudiate my vassal’s insouciance with cold steel. “Peace, peace my liege.” The council implored. “Our network of stable boy spies and assassins assure us, what you hold in your hand is an accurate replica of the Empress herself!” This gave me pause, for many long nights had I spent entertaining my warrior brethren with my plans of conquest. In great detail, I had outlined my plans for working my way through the royal harem, girl by girl. And when I had laid my claim to each of these wenches, then -- then I would take the Empress herself. On this day, my training began. Long hours were spent furiously pumping away. The supple molding and lifelike texture made me sure, when my eyes were clenched shut, that I was indeed having my way with the Empress herself. I know not who this Jessie Andrews is, but if she is truly half as lewd in the wet, sloppy song these lips sang, perhaps I will seek to capture her.. once the Empire has fallen. Each morning at sunrise, I would scale sheer granite cliffs to hone my technique in solitude. At first, removing the insert from the fleshlight for cleaning seemed a chore. When it sprang from the fleshlight like a hungry, corpulent worm thrashing in the clear mountain streams, my resolve almost broke. But no, relenting is not the way of the proud Thundershaft lineage. I persevered. Winter turned to Spring. Spring to Summer. Never did the craftsmanship of the Jessie Andrews Main Squeeze falter. Always was she eager to accept my glistening manhood. In time, I knew the Empress would bend to my will just as readily. Now my armies, my ravening hordes, approach the Imperial border. All have girded themselves manfully, bearing the arms and vestments of the North. Soon we will ride to battle. Strapped securely to my saddlehorn is my Jessie Andrews Main Squeeze. The Empire’s walls will crumble. The arrogance and opulence of that way of life will come to an end, brought low by blood and fire. I have no choice but to revere the oracle that brought me here. I must give the Jessie Andrews Main Squeeze five of five gold stars.
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oldfart41 Submitted 5/2/2013
the item was a lot amaller than it looked. The entrance hole was very small. I would not purchase this item again.
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Great Product For The Money! Submitted 2/15/2015
Okay so as a college student who is in between girlfriends at the moment and needs every cent for school, I wanted a product that was cheap but efficient. Fleshlight is great but far too expensive (I mean who pays 80 bucks for a masturbator?!?) I went into the store and saw this sitting on the shelf. First off i'll do my pros for the product and then my cons. The product is pretty inexpensive online it's 24 bucks but I bought it in the Adam & Eve store by my house for around 30 with tax. The vagina feels incredibly real in fact it's the closet you can get to the real thing without having the real thing. It's really easy to clean and it is very discreet since I can't afford dorms, it's easy too hide from family and guests. It fits me really well and I'm pretty decent in the endowment department. It's not too small (like some reviewers have said I mean either you are way to big or you're lying lol) It is filled on the inside with dozens of pleasure nubs which feel amazing. The vagina is also modeled after a real girl which I love. I'm not a fan of Jessie Andrews since I like bigger girls but the fact that it's modeled after a real girl makes me blow that much harder. Now to the cons. Don't worry there isn't too many. First off are the lips. Specifically the coloring. The pink just comes off bottom line. I used this product as soon as I got home and after the first use the pink rubbed off and today (2 days after purchase) the pink is totally gone. It hasn't lost detail it just doesn't have pink on the lips anymore. A few reviewers have complained of the smell. I personally think the smell is tied to the pink because as soon as the smell goes away which is immediately the pink comes off. The second and last con is the whole at the end. So they put that there to make cleaning easier but it makes it a bit harder. TO clean it you rinse it out with soapy warm water but the thing is you can't dry the inside of the toy. I used it today and there was still some water inside the toy from last nights cleaning. One last tip. It's not a con but it is something you should all know. You kind of have to relearn how to masturbate with this because the whole product is made of the real flesh jelly so if you hold it too far down it sags and feels weird. You have to grip the whole thing in your palm. Once you learn and find that sweet spot oh boy does it feel amazing. As a single guy without a girl right now this is the closest thing to real sex I've found. I would buy this product a dozen times over. Lots and Lots of fun.
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HOLY WOW!!! Submitted 9/4/2013
This is a cheap stroker that is def. worth the money. I would have never guessed how real and good this feels. Way to go!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 4/10/2017
Pros: Its got these rubber studs on the inside that are simply amazing. Unlike some other products, this is the best for the money and feels so real
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Miracle Makers
Different yet enjoyable Submitted 5/16/2013
Liked the new experience... Although would like to have away to make it warm or use with a warm lubricant to make it more life-like!
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Jessie Andrews Stroker Submitted 11/23/2013
I've recently received this product in the mail. Upon using it, I felt as if the stroker could have been longer. (I'd literally poke out the bottom of it. However I did like texture and feel of the toy. Its not bad.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Feels good but isn't for well endowed Submitted 7/21/2017
It feels good and seems well made however it ripped after the first use. It isn't good for larger endowments.
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Didn't last long Submitted 11/10/2013
Bought this back in August of 2013, its now November 2013 & the bottom of it was ripped in half. Loved the product, but the reliability is a little low.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Uncomfortable texture Submitted 7/2/2017
I don't know if this was a factory defect in the mold but the end of this had a jagged texture that was uncomfortable to use
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