Bloom Intimate Body Pump

Bloom Intimate Body Pump

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Experience Body-Wide Oral Sensations Anytime You Desire!

Clit, Nipples, And Vulva Will Thrill To These Sweet Sucking Vibrations!

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Jazz up your solo adventures or bring some needed sizzle to foreplay with this insatiable mouth-on-all-your erogenous zones body pump! This automatic suction cup & vibrator has 4 interchangeable cups with soft silicone rims –– each made for creating a pleasant sucking sensation while stimulating different parts of your body: clitoris, nipples, and vulva.

  • Vibrating body pump with interchangeable suction cups
  • Enjoy automatic hands-free suction & vibration
  • 7 vibration patterns & 7 suction functions deliver 49 unique & stimulating sensations
  • 4 interchangeable suction cups: 2 large cups for vulva, 1 for nipples, 1 small one for clitoris
  • Each cup has a removable soft silicone rim for comfort & easy cleaning
  • Cups are shaped to follow natural curves of your body
  • Ergonomically designed 9 inch handle for effortless handling
  • Easy control buttons + power lock for discreet storage & travel
  • Instant air release button for quick, comfortable removal
  • USB rechargeable, 2 hour charge time, 60-90 minutes play per charge, cord included
  • Includes full instructions + bag for discreet storage & travel
  • From Doc Johnson, founded in 1976

Q: Why do I want a gentle vacuum sensation sucking on my erogenous play zones?

A: If you've ever enjoyed oral attention lavished on your clitoris, nipples and vulva, no doubt some sucking was involved! A suction pump like your Bloom Intimate Body Pump draws air out of the applied area, creating a vacuum for your body's circulation to send nerve-nourishing blood there –– awakening and sensitizing those areas. And remember, this pump vibrates, too! Picture tingly nipples, an aroused clitoris or a vulva where all sensations are amplified for more sensitivity.

So there, we've said it. Your Bloom Intimate Body Pump is designed to mimic the actions of an orally inclined lover –– on demand, anytime you crave it, plus everything you love about vibrators. Bask in solo pleasures with this eager pleaser, or add it to foreplay. The look on your partner's face as you respond to this mechanical lover will be priceless!

It's easy to get started. Pick a zone you want to stimulate, then attach the interchangeable cup designed for it. Let's start with a nipple. Place the nipple cup over it, making contact with skin. Once it starts sucking, you can let go for a hands-free experience as you do other things with yourself or your partner. Turn the power off and press the air release button to change zones. Pro tip: add a little moisture to the silicone rim to create a tighter, optimal seal.

Everything you need for "suck-cessful" oral-like adventure is right here. The cups are designed to follow the natural curve of a woman's body. You get a pair of vulva attachments, each less than 3 inches in diameter, depending on how you want to play.

You also get a nipple cup, about 1.75 inches wide for good coverage, and a petite half-inch wide cup for your clitoris. Now that's definitely a place where 7 vibration patterns multiplied by 7 suction functions can drive you wild 49 ways until Sunday!

The Bloom Intimate Body Pump is recommended for women eager and ready for something different from a sex toy –– very different and so oral, too! Do you know such a lady? Then gift her the Bloom and watch her sensual self blossom like never before.

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Doc Johnson
Clitoral Stimulator, Sucking Action, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable, Multiple Stimulation, Storage Bag Included, Multiple Suction Modes, Splashproof
Male, Female
9.0 inches
Silicone, ABS (plastic)
Power Source:
1.75 inches
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