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Lia Love Balls

Lia Love Balls

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64 reviews

Strengthen Your Orgasms With Silicone Love Balls!

Squeeze your body around these perfectly weighted love balls for a totally natural and naughty vaginal massage! With your every movement, the weights inside each of these smooth silicone-coated 1½” love balls roll, working your kegel muscles for a tighter vagina and more intense orgasms! Includes a stretchy 8” retrieval cord for easy removal. 

• String of two weighted love balls
• In purple ABS with silicone coating
• 8” total length, love balls are 1½” in diameter
• Soft and stretchy removal cord with retrieval loop
• Smooth and silky surface for easy glide
• Weighted inner core of love balls roll as you move for effortless massage
• Love balls make an excellent kegel exerciser
• Great for G-Spot stimulation
• Fun for use with clitoral vibrators

Enjoy vagina-tightening pleasure with the sexy Lia Love Balls! These smooth weighted love balls are designed to slide inside easily. Once these love balls are inserted, you can give yourself an easy kegel workout by just moving around. As you shake and shimmy (or even do chores!), just squeeze the Lia Love Balls with your kegel muscles for a tightening workout that strengthens your muscles, intensifies your orgasms, and feels amazing! You can even use these sexy love balls in conjunction with a clitoral sex toy or vibrator for intense orgasms.

To use, just add a drop or two of your favorite sex lube to your Lia Love Balls. Then slowly work these love balls into your body. You can start with just one or go for both love balls at once. Once your love balls are inserted, trying moving around. Feel that? Each of your Lia Love Balls contains a free-rolling weight – so as you move, your kegel muscles will be challenged to hold in your love balls and your inner walls will get an orgasmically good massage.

With every move, the weighted rolling inner cores of your love balls will make a soft noise to signal you that your kegels are working hard. Try squeezing your love balls lying back in bed, sitting up in a chair, and even hold in your love balls as you do chores around the house (try this out with a hands-free clitoral butterfly vibrator!).

And when you’re all climaxed out, just use the stretchy retrieval cord to remove your Lia Love Balls. Take your love balls into the shower or spa for extra-slippery fun.

Clean your love balls with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner.

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Cal Exotics
Kegel Exercise, Hypoallergenic
8.0 inches
Plastic, Silicone
1.50 inches
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something new Submitted 5/28/2012
we got this for something to try and the idea of toning the PC muscles. its a little big my wife she has no problem keeping them in. but she does think they are nice when used with the her favorite vibe. we will be getting a smaller size for the health aspect but keep these around for fun!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Love my balls!! Submitted 10/11/2017
My favorite part of these is putting them in and taking them out! My husband gets me nice and wet to slide them in. After wearing them for a couple of hours he takes them out SLOWLY ! It ends up being a half hour process because he takes them out and puts them back in over and over and over!
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Purrrfect Pet
Not ideal, but... Submitted 8/1/2012
Positives: 1. They fit well inside, unlike the pair I have that are connected to each other rather than connected by cord. 2. Cord and overall design works well. Negatives: 1. I could barely feel them inside, unlike my other set. 2. They make an interesting noise. Could be fun if you like to wear them in public and make people wonder, but...
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took a chance Submitted 3/1/2013
took a chance and was expecting something more...stimulating. just walking around doesnt quite do it, i wore them out to spice things up. but leaving them in during anal and whoa! double the fun. all in all, worth the shot!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 4/25/2017
Pros: Silky finish is nice and easy to clean. Cons: Balls are too large for purpose of tightening and aren't weighted enough to feel when moving. Expected more movement.
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not what i expected Submitted 9/7/2012
my hubby likes me to use them while having sex but other than that cant really feel them.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 4/20/2017
Pros: Nice that it has removal string and easy to clean. Cons: Way too big. Hurt and was not difficult to keep in. Definitely would not help strengthen muscles. I would prefer an inch diameter.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Wife loved them Submitted 11/16/2017
Although the wife was reluctant at first all it took was a small amount of convincing to have her try them. The fit was good for her and once in they drove her crazy. Insertion was easy and enjoyable. She only had them in for about 15 minutes before she drug me away and begged for more. Removal was easy and also very satisfying for her. Would recommend these to anyone thinking about trying out play with different types of balls.
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wonderful Submitted 10/5/2012
tightened her up really fast makes her crave sex and makes her WET (understatement)
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I recommend Submitted 2/5/2015
Exactly what i expected. Good size and easy to use. I would recommend
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