Cocolicious Kegel Trainer

Cocolicious Kegel Trainer

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Work Your Kegels For Electrifying “O”s!

“Now this is my kind of workout!” – Coco Austin, star of TV show Ice Loves Coco

Squeeze your way to stronger kegels and intensified pleasure like sexy star Coco Austin does! Made from ultra-smooth silicone, these stylish Ben Wa balls feel so good against your most sensitive pleasure zones. The stretchy holder’s stylish heart-shaped cutouts hold kegel balls securely. Inside each ball, a rolling weight creates a natural internal massage as you move! Trainer includes 3 balls of increasing weight. Start with lighter 20g and 30g balls, then trade up all the way to 30g and 40g balls for maximum kegel training!

•    Coco Licious Kegel Trainer
•    Silicone kegel training system
•    Stretchy silicone holder with heart-shaped openings
•    Balls contain rolling weights for a natural massage
•    Holder takes 2 kegel balls at a time
•    Includes 3 interchangeable balls to increase/decrease weight
•    Lightest ball weighs 20 grams
•    Medium ball weighs 30 grams
•    Largest ball weighs 40 grams
•    Balls are contoured to say securely in holder
•    6” total length, 3.5” insertable, 1.25” width

Wild girl Coco knows how to have a great workout! With the Coco Licious Kegel Trainer, you too can experience an intense kegel massage – and in fabulous style. This silicone kegel training system’s cute-as-a-button heart-shaped design will capture your attention. But when you feel the trainer’s rolling weights move, you’ll really fall in love.

How does it work? Ben Wa balls, also known as kegel balls, help you pleasurably train your kegel muscles. The stronger your kegels, the more satisfying bedroom encounters get. Strong kegels also lead to bigger, better “O”s. So you better do as Coco says and get to it!

Start by adding a little of your favorite water-based lube to the already-smooth surface of these silicone Ben Wa balls. Then just slide them inside. Moving around causes the weights inside to roll, giving you a sensual, natural massage. Squeeze your kegels to keep them inside. Beginners may want to lie back and indulge in a little self-love session, but advanced players are invited to get a little wild.

Once you’re comfortable with the Coco Licious Kegel Trainer, increase the weight of the Trainer by popping out the medium ball and replacing it with the largest 40 gram ball. This ball is also slightly larger in size than the other balls. Once you’ve put the squeeze on the increased size and weight, you can trade up even further to use the 30 gram and 40 gram balls simultaneously.

After each workout, remove the balls from the trainer. Thoroughly wash and dry the balls and holder with mild soap and water or Adam and Eve Toy Cleaner.

Since this sex toy is made with silicone, it should not be used with silicone lubricants. Store separately from other silicone toys.

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No batteries required
Cal Exotics, Cocolicious
Kegel Exercise, Hypoallergenic
3.5 inches
Power Source:
No batteries required
1.25 inches
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Verified Purchase
The Best Option Submitted 7/13/2017
These are comfortable and pleasant. The material is great, and they seem very sanitary. No worries of losing them. The balls are easy to pop out and clean. The directions seemed to be generic toy instructions--wash and insert, so I had to do some additional google research. It was hard to keep them in while walking around, so I started with one ball and worked my way up to both. I should have bought them a long time ago.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Good product..however... Submitted 2/27/2018
Wife loves the balls...says the different sizes are very helpful....not satisfied with the checkout process though. Was supposed to receive a whole kit of free stuff with the purchase...never received.
Was this review helpful?   
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Cute Submitted 12/28/2017
Better directions from manufacture would have been nice. Had to you tube to find out beginners use heavier ball (cause it is bigger and easier to grip). When, my first instinct was to use lighter and work up. I do like that you can interchange the weights.
Was this review helpful?   
New to this product. Submitted 9/24/2015
So I have never used ben wa balls until I ordered this product, and if you are a first time user they are perfect. Having the different sized weights is nice so you can pick what suits you best. Some other people that had reviewed the product found the balls to be too small, but I thought they were perfect sized. Using lube definitely enhances the experience. I found that without lube and using "natural" lube, they didn't glide around as much and could be slightly uncomfortable.
Was this review helpful?   
Good girlfriend
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Working out in public Submitted 2/21/2018
These are a great size and weight! I wear them while I’m out running errands or working around the house and it definately strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.
Was this review helpful?   
Very pleased
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Great choice Submitted 8/23/2017
I bought this for my wife. She put the kegel trainer in and at first thought it felt strange. Now she put them in and teases me with them all the time. Would recommend for anyone wanting to try something different.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/22/2017
Pros: The holder for easy removal. I'm afraid of them getting stuck without it. And you can interchange different weights.
Was this review helpful?   
Ms. M
So Far So Good... Submitted 8/23/2015
I have only used this 4 times and it has already helped me strengthen my kegels tremendously! Its easy in and easy retrieval. I'm glad I bought it so far!
Was this review helpful?   
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Love it Submitted 7/30/2017
Love it for kegel exercises especially the jingle of the inner ball.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 1/9/2017
Pros: Weight is nice, size is good too Cons: I really don't like the silicone outside. It's more like a cover around the balls, and for the life of me I cannot get them off to clean them. Not worth the money just for the sanitary issues.
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