BSwish BFit Classic Love Balls

BSwish BFit Classic Love Balls

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Product Description

Customize Your Training For Iron Woman Kegels & Powerful O's!

We can't say enough about the importance of toning your Kegels and strengthening your pelvic floor. Worn vaginally, this new design of classic weighted ben-wa balls will do for you what they've done for women in Asia for centuries –– only better! Experience greater control of muscles for stronger vadge-gasms. Literally hold onto your lover's penis with otherworldly ability –– enjoy improved bladder control when nature calls! Start with the lighter pair of 28g, 1-inch wide balls in a 3.1-inch long harness, then train up to the larger pair of 38g, 1.4-inch wide balls in their 3.7-inch long harness. Silicone, firm ABS plastic, TPE retrieval cords. PS: wear them in the shower or tub, too!

  • 2 pairs of ben-wa balls, each in its own silicone harness
  • Each ABS ball holds a free-floating weight inside
  • Weights jostle & tone up muscles as you move & squeeze your Kegels
  • Worn vaginally while walking or doing tasks
  • Enjoy moderate stimulation as you train, increased pleasure during sex
  • Begin training with the smaller 28g pair, then go large with 38g
  • Total weight of smaller pair is 56g (1.9 ounces), larger pair is 76g (2.6 ounces)
  • Ultra-thin, super strong retrieval cords for maximum comfort & extended wear
  • Best with water-based lubes
  • Storage bag included

Ready for stronger, more frequent 'gasms? Often mentioned in popular erotic fiction, now train your body's natural pleasure sensitivity with a customizable workout. Bfit Classic Love Balls, complete with their free-floating weights, deliver deeply arousing sensations as you train your pelvic floor. 

And it's so easy! Just pop the balls inside your vagina, making sure the retrieval cord sticks out. You may want to add some water-based lube. Your Kegel muscles will naturally contract to hold the balls in place as you walk or move about. The more active you are, the better your workout. If you're stuck sitting in front of a computer, you can still train by squeezing the balls –– by clenching & releasing them. The free-floating weights inside the balls will thrill you with a gentle stimulation that can stretch for hours if you choose. Many women who use Ben Wa Balls during the day report that they’re more in the mood for sexual activity later that night.

Remember: start with the lighter 28g weights and work your way up to the heavier 38g weights for a stronger Kegel workout and deeply arousing sensations. 

With regular sexercise, you’ll be able to have more control over your vagina during sex and experience stronger 'gasms. You’ll feel tighter to your partner as your body holds on. As an added bonus, you'll find your bladder control has improved.

Your BSwish BFit Classic Love Balls are compatible with any water-based sex lubes (many are available right here at Adam & Eve). Wash them in warm, soapy water after each use & rinse them clean. Once completely dry, store them with your other sex toys in a discreet location.

BSwish BFit Classic Love Balls make a wonderful addition to any erotic toy chest. Great for gifting too! 



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No batteries required
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Kegel Exercise, Storage Bag Included
Insertable Length
3.14 inches, 3.7 inches
4.0 inches, 3.25 inches
TPE, ABS (plastic)
1.00 inches, 1.4 inches
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