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Adam & Eve L'Arque Prostate Massager
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Adam & Eve L'Arque Prostate Massager

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Wicked Prostate Vibe Sets Off An Explosion Of Pleasure!

Introduce your P-Spot to Adam & Eve’s revolutionary prostate vibe.

What happens when you combine ultimate ergonomic control with orgasmic power? You get Adam & Eve’s revolutionary prostate toy: the L’Arque! Add lube to its silky-smooth silicone surface and indulge in the perfect amount of anal penetration. A raised ergonomic handle keeps your grip comfortable for intense, long-lasting play. Experience 3 speeds and 4 functions of vibration that’ll leave you gasping. Rechargeable.

• Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager
• Sleek and powerful silicone prostate vibrator
• 4.5” insertable length, 7” total length
• Firm arcing shaft for optimal prostate stimulation
• Rounded 1.25” wide head
• Ergonomic grip handle for comfortable use
• 3 speeds plus 4 functions of vibration
• Rechargeable; up to 4 hours use on a single charge
• Includes USB adapter
• Waterproof
• Backed by Adam & Eve’s Lifetime Guarantee

How do you design the perfect prostate stimulator? With the help of customer feedback, Adam & Eve experts put their heads together and created a sleek and sexy toy that might just be the ideal tool for major P-Spot orgasms: the L’Arque Prostate Massager.

To begin your journey, add a few drops of lubricant to the L’Arque Prostate Massager. Then slide up to 4.5” of smooth yet firm silicone into your backdoor. This sex toy’s gentle arc puts it at the perfect angle for expert prostate massage. Grab hold of the ergonomic handle to enjoy ultimate control. As you thrust and maneuver this prostate massager, its rounded head applies extra pressure right where you want it – all while the handle keeps your grip totally comfortable. Now you can play longer and harder than you ever dared.

Turn on your L’Arque Prostate Massager by tapping the easy-to-reach power button on the top of the massager’s handle. Tap the vibration button to explore three orgasmic levels of vibration including low, medium, and high. Keep pressing the button to feel the rush of 4 functions including steady pulses, long pulses, repeating patterns, and ultra-quick and powerful pulses!

Need more power? Don’t worry about batteries. This rechargeable sex toy includes a USB adapter for charging. Just plug in the Adam & Eve L’Arque Prostate Massager. An LED light signals charging. When your massager is fully charged, the light turns green and you’re ready for up to 4 hours of incredible vibration.

How certain are we that you’ll love this massager? We’re backing Adam & Eve’s L’Arque Prostate Massager with our Lifetime Guarantee.

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Adam and Eve, Adam and Eve Black Box Collection
Waterproof, Multiple Vibration Modes, Vibrating, Hypoallergenic, Multiple Speeds, Rechargeable
7.0 inches
Plastic, Silicone
Power Source:
1.25 inches
Another way to cum
"really got my juices flowing."
"Love the feel...solid constructions, great materials, well thought out design. ... Can't recommend this toy enough!"
I didn't know my prostate could feel so good
" This toy made me feel things I've never felt before, and is definitely now my new favorite toy."
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Another way to cum Submitted 12/6/2013
Couldn't wait to get this in me, prostate massager really does the trick for me, it's vibe is strong enough and the ergonomics very good, first use by myself and I was cumming before I got hard which is really a great feeling really got my juices flowing. The size of insertable is very good for me as I'm not a beginner nor fister so it gives a nice full feeling with the different vibes it was great too! The 2nd time I got off was using a long slow pulse. If your into Pfun I recommend and a lifetime guarantee you can't go wrong...get you a 50off coupon and you can't beat it. Rechargeable works great no more batteries.
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Captain Crunch
Seriously.. Submitted 1/22/2014
Well, I'm not gay. That I know of. I only like women. Not men. Never have I liked a penis in my life. BUT if this product was a penis, I would go gay. Literally made me produce large quantities of ass honey.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
It feels amazing Submitted 8/16/2017
I purchased a different one that was a 3 prong vibe and it hurt like hell trying to use it as a beginner. I got this one and it goes in really easy and stays in place. Hits the spot just perfect. I was able to leave it in while still in the middle of sexy time with my wife. She was able to feel the vibrations as well which helped her and she said when I came that it felt much more powerful than she normally feels. I can concur with that statement. I was physically drained when it was all over. I would buy again.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 5/12/2017
Pros: Love the feel...solid constructions, great materials, well thought out design. Fit is awesome! I love the stimulation! I leave it in while we make love. My wife can feel the vibrations! Can't recommend this toy enough! Cons: None!
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very best Ppal ever !!! Submitted 1/3/2014
I really like playing with my P spot. I am not gay, but I've been doing it even be for I started school. This is the BEST toy ever. I use a smooth condom with some Wet Platinum silicone lube. The other day I was rocking my hip up & down, well every position laying on my back & side hands free. But some times it slipped out, so I put on a extra small to stop that. Next thing I new, my shorts were so wet with jizzum coming out of my Butt, it took a few hours to get to that but I loved every min. Good thing I had some paper towels & a bath towel under me. I turned the toy 180 and came before the battery died. Can't wait to do that again.
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Unbelievable WOW Submitted 2/7/2015
When I first used it I felt uncomfortable and thought I threw away good money, Then a couple of days later I tried it again after getting relaxed I had an orgasm that I never felt before without ejaculating. After 45 minuets of pleasure, I was rock hard. This is the best toy that I have ever experienced.
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Expensive Lesson Submitted 9/4/2015
I bought this for my partner and while he liked the idea, it was SO loud when we turned it on that it was very off-putting. Since it has the 100% Satisfaction Guarentee (plus it was never used and he;s now an ex) I thought I'd be able to send it in for something else, but I could only exchange it for the same thing. Not my idea of 100% satisfied, but lesson learned.
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Stopped working within a month. Submitted 5/12/2015
Initially, it worked to massage the prostate as advertised. Sadly, it stopped working after about four uses. The charger indicates that there is a full charge but there is no vibration. This seems too common a complaint in reading other peoples experiences with this unit. My guess is that there is a design flaw. I would not recommend this product.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Several problems Submitted 8/6/2017
The charging "cowl" (for lack of a better word) did not fit the device. It was loose and would not make proper contact to charge the device. The charger for this device uses a USB plug and has NO wall outlet plug. The device would not charge because the charging connector would not properly connect with the device. I returned this product for a full refund.
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I didn't know my prostate could feel so good Submitted 1/28/2014
I have never written a review for a sex toy before. Ever. This toy made me feel things I've never felt before, and is definitely now my new favorite toy. When it arrived I quickly plugged it in to charge, as it recommends to do so in the manual. An hour later I couldn't take it anymore and I laid down some towels and WOW. Towels are definitely needed for the fun mess you're going to make with this toy ;) The different vibrations were super stimulating, I don't know this this toy would be as good if it just vibrated like most of the other prostate massagers out there.
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