Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand

Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand

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Just Enough "Give" To Get You Off –– Anally!

Slather your favorite water-based lube onto the tip of this 9 1/2" wand, aim...and feel the magic begin! Flexi-firm PVC jelly material is shaped with smaller-to-larger beads at one end for tail-pipe tuning. Or use the single bead end for more control! .75" to 1.25" wide.

• Dildo is 9.5" long
• Convenient easy to use handle
• Dildo has a bulbous tip for added stimulation
• Made of latex

The Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand dildo is 9.5" long, made of PVC with just enough give to make this anal dildo one of the most comfortable you've tried.

As with any anal sex toy, be sure to use a generous amount of sex lube, since the backdoor doesn't produce its own natural lubricant. Adam & Eve recommends an extra-thick water-based sex lube such as Adam & Eve Ultimate Anal Lube. And be sure to re-apply it often during your anal play sessions to keep things gliding smooth and comfortably.

Try running your Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand under warm water to warm it to body temperature before you insert it.

The Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand is easy to clean, too. Just wash it with warm soapy water and run it under clear water to rinse. Or use Adam & Eve Essentials Toy Cleaner to keep any adult sex toy looking fresh and new.

Male, Female
9.5 inches
1.25 inches
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Perfect for beginners & regular use! Submitted 9/28/2014
I was very scared & nervous about anal sex with my husband. Not only because his size but I could never get my mind relaxed to relax my muscles to allow him to get in, so we had completely given up for over a year on even trying it because he could never get past the head. So, when I secretly bought this and laid it out one night, he said baby you aren't going to let me, you always hurt. I said let's try on more time, he lubed this toy up and slowly eased it in & played with my butt...Needless to say we are regular users of this toy now. This has trying hyped up our sex life!
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Fun Submitted 5/19/2013
Used for solo anal play. This toy is good for what it is. Personally I wish it was ribbed all the way down. Also a different material would be desirable. Lube seems to run right off of this, make sure your anus is good and lubed up before inserting. -male customer
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Satisfying Submitted 6/15/2015
I’m new to butt play. Previously, when I watched adult entertainment, I wanted the anal parts sped through. Then after experimenting with anal pleasure, we decided to give this toy a try. I was nervous to have my husband insert these beads. The first time, with lots of lube and patience, was a delight. The feeling of penetration was new and a turn-on, much better than I expected. First, we played on the bed for my pleasure and then played in the shower for my husband’s enjoyment. No soreness if used slowly. Some practice has heightened my sense of passionate pleasure when it is inserted deeply. Combined with a finger or tongue on my clit and I experience a series of intense orgasms. I’m shopping for more toys!
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Anal fun
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
I would buy this product again. Submitted 1/23/2018
For some reason I thought this product was going to be bigger and quite shocked when I received it and thought wow,,,this seems way smaller than I imagined. That being said , this was a very good product. The different sized balls felt awesome and the long handle made it easy to move back and forth. Great stimulation and control would best describe this product. Before buying this product I read it was very stiff and rigid, in my experience this was definitely not the case, the wand was very flexible and with sufficient lube not a problem at all. Great experience!
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Loved Submitted 2/17/2014
I fell in love with this toy. The first time we used it, he decided to put a tingling lube on it and I will suggest not doing so. I was on fire but in an uncomfortable way. We cleaned up and use a regular water based lube and that's when I fell in love. It was very gradual and easy going. Great toy for people wanting to start out.
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Easy to use Submitted 6/23/2015
Used this during my first time with anal play. Make sure you use lube for easy entry. Take your time inserting. Feels great.
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Age: 25-34
Gender: Female
Status: Married
Disappointing and damaged product Submitted 3/7/2019
I’m pretty disappointed in this product. As soon as I opened the packaging I noticed that the toy had raised imperfections in the material, and was even pitted in some areas. The raised areas were rough, obviously rendering the toy unsafe for its intended purpose. It was also extremely firm material, basically a hard plastic... Sure you can bend it a bit if you hold it in both hands and bend, but labeling it as “jelly” and “flex” is very misleading. Adam and Eve was great about refunding me for the damaged product though, and I’m very pleased with their customer service.
No, I would not recommend this product.
No,  I would not recommend this product.
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fun flex Submitted 5/16/2012
great product! good for biggeners!
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The Shadow
The best anal toy!!! Submitted 6/26/2014
This little toy will bring you pleasure every time you use it. The material is amazing, super easy to lube up and use and super easy to clean, no smell or coloring. I definetly recommend this toy for begginers and experts as well.
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pleasure Submitted 6/13/2013
Great item would definitely recommend. ..
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