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Tickle His Pickle

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The hands-on guide to penis pleasing!
2005 Award Winner Independent Publisher’s Best Sexuality Book
Written by respected sexpert Dr. Sadie Allison

“Raise your penis IQ!” – TV’s Talk Sex with Sue Johanson

Welcome to Penis 101! This entertaining and educational penis guide covers everything from shaving his package to swallowing his load… and a lot of things in between that even we didn’t know!

After reading this comprehensive guide about the penis, you’ll discover:
• Over 50 techniques for mastering blowjobs
• 6 secrets behind deep throating
• The grips and methods for giving world-class handjobs
• A smoothie recipe for improving his taste
• All the secrets behind prostate play

Tickle His Pickle begins with a detailed diagram of the penis and basic facts before getting to the meat of the matter – handjobs and blowjobs. After covering the basics of rhythm, pressure, wetness and positions, Dr. Sadie covers a number of unique methods for improving the basic handjob, including the sausage wrap, the turtleneck, the cigar roller, the two-thumb massage and the three-pointer. Then, it’s all about the blowjobs – from playful ways to get him aroused to swallowing his seed. Along the way, the guide explores a number of special blowjob techniques, like the gummer, the all-day sucker, the fruit juicer, the skimmer, and the ball buzzer.

Next, Dr. Sadie spends an entire chapter on prostate play, including tips for talking about it with your guy, how to slowly and comfortably ease him into it, and the three top tips for prostate finger massage. Don’t miss her practical advice on how to deal with guys that have problems achieving an erection or those that ejaculate too soon! 

Tickle His Pickle is 146 pages long and filled with 67 funny and educational illustrations. Dr. Sadie Allison has also written books about sex toys in ToyGasms, sexual positions in Ride ‘Em Cowgirl and anal stimulation in Tickle My Tush.

Dr. Sadie Allison currently has over 2 million sexual self-help books in print around the world. She is also well-known for her numerous TV and radio appearances, including such shows as E!, Tyra and Discovery Health. Dr. Sadie has also been interviewed by a number of magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Red Book and Men’s Health. She is a doctor of human sexuality, earning her degree from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Tickle Kitty: Dr. Sadie Allison
Great product
"This was pretty basic but very informative none the less. I needed a refresher course and this was great."
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Not quite what we expected Submitted 5/11/2009
My bf and I ordered this book just to see what new tips we could learn. After taking a couple hours to read it, I realized this book is more for beginners than someone looking to try new things. I would recommend this to someone that is new to the oral world but not to someone looking to tune up their game!
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Fun time with this book. Submitted 4/23/2009
We used it together, husband likes to pick out what he wants, almost like a menu. We have been together for 20 years, and this just breathed some new life into our lives. Thank you.
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good book easy read Submitted 7/31/2015
So I'm a guy and I know my way around my tool. This book even taught me some new things. I read it in about 1hr and I'm not a reader. Then my wife read it and the next day she had me squirming it was awesome and she only used two tips the book gives many. Also note she was pretty good at hj and bj before this book this took it to another lvl. If your married and are not getting that experience you once got while having sex with other partners this is a great tool where does it say once married you can't learn while staying faithful. This book is a good learning tool think I g about getting her other books too.
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Jim and Sandie
1st Time in 15 years Submitted 11/29/2008
I bought this book as a last resouce to the one part of out sex lives that was missing...oral sex on me. My wife read it, re-read it, then told me on a ride that I'll never forget. Mutual oral sex is becoming more of a routine now; and, she is always looking for ways to please and surprise me.
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I love this book Submitted 3/5/2009
Good read for new commers who are just starting to give oral. If I'm ganna suck it, I want to do it right.
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So funny to read together Submitted 7/31/2008
funny adorable pictures, lots of fun ideas, We are very experienced and we learned a few things. Awesome for beginners and fun for experienced.
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this book is really informative Submitted 7/2/2008
i have actually always enjoyed giving and getting oral sex. but this book is great when it comes to suggesting some new things to explore. gives you solutions to problems you may encounter as well as helps you improve your skills which can help you drive your man crazy
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Loved it! Submitted 10/16/2009
Good book. Good tips. Was a little beginner-esque but I still enjoyed it.
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great resource for the girls Submitted 7/29/2009
This book has alot great tips and techniques to please your man.
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Great Book Submitted 5/4/2008
I really liked this book. Some things I all ready knew but, I did learn things I didn't know to.
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