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Ride Em' Cowgirl

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Sex position secrets to revolutionize your relationship!
2008 Award Winner Independent Publisher’s Best Sexuality Book
Written by the famed sexual self-help author Dr. Sadie Allison

“Read this together and enjoy the pleasures to come!” – Ian Cerner Ph.D., author of She Comes First

Sassy and resourceful, this detailed sexual positions guide belongs in everyone’s nightstand! The guide features interesting and innovative sex positions that the average couple can enjoy… and don’t require you to bend like a pretzel!

When you finish reading this guide to sexual positions, you’ll be able to:
• 100+ thrilling new positions for spicing up your sex life
• Practice secret techniques for hitting her G-Spot and his prostate
• Figure out his penis type and which sex positions work best
• Try special positions customized for plus-sized lovers as well as pregnant women
• Effortlessly use toys and other adult products during sex

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl starts by discussing foreplay and methods for making both his and her orgasms stronger and more intense. Then it launches into a wide variety of different sex positions. The positions in the guide are innovative variations of the most basic sex positions – missionary, doggy, cowgirl and spooning. For instance, the lean machine is a modified version of missionary that involves the man holding up his partner’s hips for deeper penetration. And then there are number of sex positions specifically designed to stimulate a certain erogenous zone like the clit, the G-Spot or the prostate. The stargazer, for example, involves the woman lying on top of the man so he can play with her clit constantly during sex. And don’t miss Dr. Sadie’s guidelines for the best sex positions for his type of penis and her type of vagina or sex positions and sex toys that work great together!

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl is 216 pages long with hundreds of detailed and informative illustrations. If you enjoyed this book, then you should check out some of Dr. Sadie’s other works, including ToyGasms about sex toys, Tickle His Pickle about stimulating his penis and Tickle My Tush about anal penetration and stimulation.

Recognized around the world for her best-selling sex guides, Dr. Sadie Allison has appeared on many TV and radio programs, including Discovery Health, E!, and Tyra. She has also been interviewed by magazines like Redbook, Cosmopolitan, and Men’s Health. Dr. Sadie received her doctoral degree in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

Tickle Kitty: Dr. Sadie Allison
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Mystic Kitsune
Great Read! Submitted 7/29/2008
I bought this book not knowing what to expect, but since I bought Sadie's other books, knew I couldn't go wrong. It's a great read with good breakdown of all the "basic" positions (missionary, doggystyle, cowgirl, etc.), and then twists on each for stuff like deeper penetration or G-Spot thrills! It even has positions for P-Spot thrills for guys that are man enough to try it! Great to read alone, or with your partner (I recommend reading it with your partner; you'll want to "practice" ;3 ).
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Great Ideas Submitted 7/9/2008
This book has certaintly helped my boyfriend and I get out of the sex rut we found ourselves in after four years together. It gave us some fun new twists to old positions and a coulple new ones. The pictures were helpful figuring out what exacttly to do plus got us a little warmed up!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Submitted 9/27/2016
Pros: It explains things using the KISS(KeepItSimpleStupid) method!! Plus the drawings of positions is great!! She explains things & talks to BOTH - Man & Woman!! Cons: No
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Awsome Book Submitted 6/14/2009
this book was great! it was even better than i expected it to be. i loved how they explained different ways to "turn-on" your partener. Also having pictures was so helpful. I love this book
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S. Clever
awesome Submitted 6/17/2009
This book is great!! It has everything in it --questions ur afraid to ask, new things to try, even ideas for when ur pregnant and what to do with every size and shape man!! Love it!!!
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FUN to Read together! Submitted 7/1/2009
I got this book for me to read... but my husband and I actually read it together... well some of it, sometimes I just read it and show him what I read about!
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Great Book!! Submitted 6/16/2008
This is a great book for semi experienced lovers. It's great for the women but also has a few helpful tips for the guys too. My fiance and I read it seperatly and then experiment with something different that we learned. Makes for an interesting night that way.
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Good book! Submitted 4/23/2008
Good book with good basic information. Simple and easy to understand descriptions and drawings for positions. Has some really good suggestions and covers a wide variety for being a short book. Really caught my husband's attention!
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Very Educating Submitted 8/28/2008
I have really enjoyed this book. It is very informative and educational. This book is more for monogamous couples and has very good illustrations and directions.
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love this book Submitted 11/6/2008
I love the illustrations in this book, they are funny as well as helpful. I read this book with my boyfriend, he likes to open to a page and try things. It is a great way to reconnect!
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