Screaming O 4LR44 Batteries 2 Pack

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Screaming O 4LR44 Batteries 2 Pack

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The New Generation Of Sex Toy Batteries Are Here!

Many sex toy manufacturers have switched over to 4LR44 batteries. They are easier to use, more convenient, more reliable, and longer lasting for increased pleasure and stimulation. Compared to other battery designs, they are also child-safe and present no choking hazards. 

Do you own a sex toy powered by these cylindrically shaped 4LR44 batts? Avoid the hassle of searching the stores near you and have some directly shipped to your place from Adam & Eve! Like all our packages, they will arrive in a plain package. And your credit card billing statement will not specifically say "Adam & Eve." How's that for privacy!

Batteries 2 LR44 (included)
Brand Screaming O
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Screaming O 4LR44 Batteries 2 Pack - Product Shot
Screaming O 4LR44 Batteries 2 Pack