Lily Pod Wand Attachment

Lily Pod Wand Attachment

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Wrap Your Vagina In Powerful Vibes!

This attachment covers your vagina like a soft blanket, amplifying and focusing the vibrations from your wand massager for unbeatable pleasure.

•    Cup surrounds your vagina in a blanket of powerful vibrations
•    Pleasure nubs inside the cup tease your clit and lips for breath-taking thrills!
•    Great accessory for the Adam & Eve Magic Massager
•    Measures 2 inches wide and 3.5 inches long
•    Made from soft and flexible TPE
•    Compatible with most standard-sized wand massagers

The cup surrounds your vagina and focuses the vibrations on your sensitive clit and lips. Meanwhile, the interior of the cup is lined with over a dozen pleasure nubs that feel like tiny fingers or tongues as they gently rub against your body. You can also use the nubs during a massage to focus vibrations on a pesky knot or a sore muscle for greater relaxation and quicker relief.

The Lily Pod is a great way to enhance your Adam & Eve Magic Massager and make it a more versatile and pleasurable toy.

The cup stimulator measures 2 inches across at its widest point and 3.5 inches long. Made from TPE, the cup is flexible to fit your body and durable for long-lasting fun. The attachment slips easily around the head of your Adam & Eve Magic Massager and other standard-sized wand vibrators.

Adam & Eve recommends the Lily Pod Wand Attachment for clitoral stimulation.

The wand attachment is compatible with Adam & Eve’s water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. Remove the attachment and wash it in warm, soapy water after use. Once the attachment dries, you can store it in a private and secure location with your other sex toys.

No batteries required
XR Brands, Wand Essentials
3.5 inches
Power Source:
No batteries required
2.00 inches
Have not seen my wife Orgasm this fast in years
"I put it on the wand and within 45 seconds my wife was squirting everywhere , I love it and it re sparked my wife's sex drive 110%"
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Lily Pod Wand Attachment Submitted 2/13/2015
This is one great attachment. With this, my Lady got the best orgasm that she's ever had in her life. Keep in mind though, that I added a Lutron TT-300H-WH Electronics Plug-in Lamp Dimmer switch(available from Amazon)to use with the wand so she could control the speed herself while I used the wand with the Lily Pod attachment on her. This method works incredibly well because it eliminates all discomfort that might be caused due to the high intensity of the wands two fixed speed settings. Also, no matter what the wand settings are, she really needs to be able do the speed adjusting herself in order to get it just right.
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Wand Believers
Quickest O my wife has had Submitted 8/23/2015
We purchased the Lily Pod Wand Attachment along with the Hammerhead Stroker. I went first with the Hammerhead, then my wife had a go with the Lily Pod. I squirted her with lube and rubbed it in, then let her loose with the Wand Vibrator and the Lily Pod. She started rubbing it gently, then harder and harder as she moaned. Soon she was grinding this into her clitoris like nothing I have seen. I sat and watched with awe as she had an extremely intense and WET orgasm. After changing the sheets I asked her if she thought this was a worthwhile purchase, she looked at me like I had asked a stupid question. We HIGHLY recommend this attachment for your wand massager.
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Fantastic Submitted 4/25/2014
This is a fantastic addition to my favorite toy!
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Orgasm Submitted 5/26/2014
My wife made me clean her after using this device!
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stiff and misshapen Submitted 10/14/2014
FIrst of all, the item was shipped to us badly misshapen. Instead of being uniformly curved, it was squished so it was shaped like a canoe. That made it impossible to use properly. Second of all, the material it is made out of is surprisingly stiff, which i don't get at all. I thought it would be supple and pliable but it was not. We tried pulling the cup part back and just use the little nubs inside to make contact with the skin, but that was extremely tedious and uncomfortable to try to hold on to the vibrating end of the wand. we ended up just taking this attachment off of the wand after a couple minutes. We're very disappointed in this product.
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Captain America
Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Nothing extra achieved Submitted 10/4/2017
My wife didn't get any extra enjoyment out of this attachment. She preferred using the wand without any attachments.
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Tara & jake
She says it tickles good Submitted 4/5/2014
She really enjoys it lots of clit stimulation
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Materials Defect Submitted 1/15/2015
The material is NOT pliable enough and the part that attaches to the wand started to crack, so we returned it. (which sucks because otherwise it was fantastic)
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
A little too hard Submitted 7/2/2017
Material is a little too hard for me and it takes a little bit to get comfortable but once you get the right position it works really well!
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Verified Purchase
Verified Purchase
Nice attachment but a little too firm Submitted 3/5/2018
A little on the firm side, could be a little softer.
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