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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

The normal size of an erect penis in adults is above three inches with an average of four to six inches. The penile size at your age (18) is variable and depends upon how far into puberty you are. Most men don't complete puberty until 19 but some take until their early 20s. Give yourself a break and try not to worry about the appearance of your penis. After all, all vaginas conform to whatever size penis is being inserted. Trust that it will be enough.

Dr. Kat



Set The Scene For Knock-Your-Socks-Off Sex Continued

candles with warm scents like vanilla or sandalwood on a side table along with a lighter for instant intimacy. Make a playlist of mood-enhancing music. But instead of losing precious seconds queuing up the music on your computer, load an MP3 player and hook it up to speakers near the bed, or get a combination clock radio/music player for easy access. Do keep in mind that musical taste is highly individual. Your paramour may find your classic jazz a snore, or your angsty folk rock a real drag. Keep a couple of options on hand.

3. Stock Up On Supplies. Find a nearby spot to set up your stash of supplies. Always keep water-based lubricant on hand. Silicone, gel, and hybrid lubricants are also encouraged. Some sensual massage oil gives you an easy way to get in tune with your lover. Condoms are a must for those playing it safe (warning: oils may cause condoms to degrade). A couple of sex toys like vibrating bullets or vibrating cock rings can give you extra battery-powered oomph for an unforgettable evening. Note that if you know you and your lover are into any kind of special sex play, feel free to stock up on whips, chains, peanut butter, and whatever else strikes your fancy. But early on, you may want to keep 'special' accessories in reserve.

4. Make The Aftermath Easy. When you're sweaty and spent, you want cleanup to be quick and easy. Wet wipes are vital to those with shared or not-readily-accessible bathroom access. If your special friend may need to walk down the hall in a shared house, having a spare bathrobe can turn a walk of shame into fluffy, post-coital bliss. Make sure towels, toilet paper, and (bonus points) a toothbrush are available for prospective overnight guests. Long-time lovers can look at their current routines to find ways to improve them. Always thirsty after sex? Stock a couple of water bottles nearby. Set your alarm clock for half an hour earlier and make time for wake--up sex. There are lots of small ways to make every love life better.

Want help achieving your ideal boudoir setup? Check out Adam & Eve's great selection of lubes, massage oils, sex toys, condoms, and so much more.



Teach Your Vibrator New Tricks Continued

• How about some new moves? Close your eyes, or even better – put on a blindfold. Let your partner pick where to put the silky smooth tip of this vibrator. Hint: at the beginning of your session, you may want your partner to use a light touch. Any rough or sudden movements can be counter-productive – save those hot 'n' heavy moves for later after you've both warmed up.
• Explore, probe, tease, then repeat – give these instructions to your partner...or follow them for your next solo session. Have some water based lube on hand for easier penetration and sensual comfort. Check out the different speeds of vibration. Try several positions, especially ones that leave you relaxed and open to new things. Don't forget, this vibrator is waterproof, how about using it during a nice warm bath? The Velvet Kiss Vibrator is great for both clitoral and G-spot fun – see how many different ways you can come up with holding and thrusting it.

Adam & Eve Silky Slim Pink Vibe
• Tell your partner you'd like to get things started with this vibe: try teasing less common body parts, like ears or the back of each other's knees (or any other part that comes to mind). Then move on to nipples or the tip of the penis.
• When you're alone, see how each ridge feels on your erogenous zones. Play with the different speeds as you guide the tip and shaft over the clitoris and other areas. Do you prefer variety? Here's your chance to find out.
• Try something new. Solo play is a great opportunity to explore your body and its potential for pleasure. There are so many sensitive areas on your body – experiment with different parts of your genitals and you might discover some new thrills!

Adam & Eve Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0
• You might already have some favorite moves with your vibrating bullet. During foreplay, slip it into your panties and give the controller to your partner.
• During intercourse place the bullet on or near the clitoris. Vary the length of time and pressure used to apply this sex toy your erogenous zones.
• Buzz his balls! During foreplay drop this bullet into his briefs or pants and try a low vibration setting at first...who knows what'll happen next!
• Add this Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0 to oral sex. Hold the bullet and use it to tease your partner in between licks and sucks.

It's easy to teach your vibrator new tricks. We hope this article helps you get your creative juices flowing!


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