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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

aggressive with him but it isn't working. People often laugh in uncomfortable situations so it may mean he's got something to be nervous about.

Sister, the only way to deal with this situation is to sit him down (not just before or during sex ) and instead of asking him why he only likes it doggy style, take responsibility for your part by saying that you'd like more variety in your lovemaking. If you need some help Adam and Eve even has some books and videos that can give you ideas on positions. You can watch it together and try it out.

If he is not wiling to have a discussion about your needs then that should be a big red flag to you. It doesn't matter what he has done with other women. What matters is how he treats you now and you deserve a little variety and face time in your sex sessions. It makes everyone feel good.

Dr. Kat



5 Tips For a Red-Hot Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Continued

4. Have a discussion with the dancers. Strippers - male and female - are a critical part in many last night parties. You can save yourself and your friends a lot of confusion and embarrassment by talking with the exotic dancer or dancers ahead of time and clearly laying out the rules/expectations for the evening. Be sure your friends know the rules and follow them as well.

5. Watch the Hangover XXX. Not only is it a good parody, but it's also a great example of things not to do during your own bachelor/bachelorette party. And if disaster strikes, remember that your friend has a wedding to get to, and it's your duty as the last night party planner to take the fall for a night or two if needed.


May Is Masturbation Month, So Get Busy Continued

That's right. "Use it or lose it," is probably the most compelling reason to keep your hand in this activity.

Health studies have shown that women who masturbate are less prone to yeast infections, have less intense cramps during their cycles and less back pain. The men who masturbated regularly enjoy improved immune systems, less prostate gland infections and overall prostate health.

It goes without saying, of course, that Adam & Eve has a world of wonderful sex toys, visual stimulation, garments and even lubricants to aid your wanking. Vibrators for women and men, stroker sleeves for men, DVDs for everyone, lingerie to feel and look sexy in and just about every kind of slippery stuff imaginable to keep your naughty parts moving!

So keep your body in tune, sexually, and you'll be ready for it with your partner. You can even masturbate together as part of foreplay.

Here are 5 things you didn't know about masturbation:
1. People who have sex on a regular basis masturbate more than those who don't. If you know what you like solo, you can tell your partner, right?
2. Surveys show that women are less willing to admit they masturbate than men. But this is changing quickly, especially if you're reading this!
3. Older women masturbate in growing numbers. Studies show the female sex drive can grow as you get older, especially if you masturbate. These are ladies who do "use it" and have not "lost it."
4. Health agencies in some European countries promote masturbation to reduce sexually transmitted disease and avoid unwanted pregnancies. Maybe some day we'll see such common sense ideas in the USA? Just think of the better moods we'd all be in.
5. Masturbation wasn't always looked on as "bad." Check out paintings and statues from ancient Rome, Greece, India and China –– hey, that's some serious jacking off in those works of art.

So raise your hand –– and put it down there. It's Masturbation Month. (Oh, and feel free to see Adam & Eve for some lube and stuff. )


Foreplay PSA: Don't Forget The Nipples!

3. Tweak. Grasp your partner's nipple between your thumb and forefinger. Now give it a small, gentle twist. This move may be too much for very sensitive nipples. Others will want to experiment with longer, stronger tweaks.

4. Suck. Close your lips around a nipple and suck, using your tongue to vary the amount of stimulation. You can also use products like nipple pumps or nipple suckers to bring your lover's buds to the peak of pleasure.

5. Buzz. Using your favorite vibrator or a specially designed nipple vibrator, massage the nipples. Try the lowest setting first, since some speeds may be too much for sensitive nipples to handle. 6. Pinch. Use your fingers to put the pinch on your lover's nipples, or employ a pair of nipple clamps for a prolonged pinch.

Before you try any of the techniques above, please keep in mind that while some people report that they can orgasm from the right nipple stimulation, others find that it doesn't do much for them – or that their nipples are so sensitive, more than a light touch is painful. Make sure to check in with your lover as you experiment.

And remember: find nipple suckers, vibrating nipple clamps, and more fun nipple stimulation and sex toys every day at
Adam & Eve!



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