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A&E's Resident Sex Expert Continued

run the show. Sex during pregnancy is not only healthy but there are some real benefits to it. This goes for sex toy use as well. Here are a few suggestions...

Positions - The farther along your wife gets, the less pressure should be put on the abdomen. This means that common sense rules. Side positions (spooning) may be a better option and positions where she is on top and in control of the penetration may be more comfortable to her. Unless advised against by your doctor, you can have sex all the way through pregnancy.

Sex Toys - There are actually some toys that benefit your wife during pregnancy. I suggest the Crystal Kegel Glass Dildo for perineal massage if she is going to have a vaginal birth. Apply direct pressure on her perineum (that little area between the bottom of the vagina and the anus). Insert the firm dildo (with lube) and apply downward pressure.

Also, clitoral vibrations may help with discomfort during sex. Try the Fingo Nubby on her clitoris if you are in positions that don’t have direct stimulation to the clitoris. For instance, using it during doggy style.

You can also use the Couple's Enhancer Ring. It has a clitoral stimulator on the cock ring that you get to wear. This way you can both be in on the fun.

Having sex through out pregnancy can help the both of you bond and can strengthen your wife's PC muscle. The PC muscle is one of the main muscles that helps push the baby out. Sex and orgasm releases hormones in the body that help relax us and can make us feel closer to our partners. Eventually ejaculate - which has prostaglandins in it, can help soften the cervix for dilation during labor.

Dr. Kat



Begging For A Pegging? Continued

Using a strap-on is a lot simpler than it might first appear. She'll just step into the harness and adjust it for a snug fit. Since the weight of the dildos on most harnesses tend to put a little extra 'pull' on the harness, use your hands to help position the dildo for entry.

Choose your position beforehand. One beginner favorite is with him sitting or squatting above and lowering his ass onto the strap-on. This position gives him a lot of control, so he can speed up or slow down at any time. Make sure to use plenty of lube for a great slide.

If you want more of a step-by-step guide to pegging, and want to learn some more advanced tricks and positions, try out an instructional DVD like Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide To Pegging. Let the sexperts walk you through multiple positions and techniques and ensure that your pegging adventures are orgasmically successful.

Don't forget, Adam & Eve has a huge selection of strap-ons, including realistic, vibrating, and even 'strapless' strap-ons - for all your pegging needs.


5 Ways For Men To Improve Their Health Continued

3. Strengthen your core. This helps keep pounds off your middle and also reduces your chances for back problems later in life. You don't need to build up a six-pack, but a four-pack will help ensure you can keep jumping into bed even in the retirement home!

4. Schedule regular doctor visits. The less said about turn your head and cough the better, but regular physicals are absolutely crucial for your health. By monitoring your cholesterol, blood pressure and other stats, your doc can detect health problems in the early stages when they're much easier to treat.

5. Start Taking Yoga. Not only is it a great way to meet women, but yoga can also improve your flexibility, lower your stress and blood pressure, and even improve your heart rate. Plus, there are a bunch of hot women in tight stretch pants.



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